Friday, 27 May 2011

Friday Feeling

Thank goodness its Friday!  It's a long weekend with the bank holiday on Monday, what are you going to be doing?  Spending time with family and friends, or shutting yourself away for some well earned 'me' time!

It has been a week since I posted something, I've been busy with some new paintings, trying out some new techniques on photoshop, amongst other things.  Time seem to be running away, so I had decided to keep a list of what I got up to creatively as I felt I was standing still.  When you list all the things that you do, and even those things that get in the way of your creativity you can start to manage your time better and often realise you have been doing more than you thought - give yourself a pat on the back!

I was also feeling a bit off course, again looking at my achievement list and the list of things that are stewing in the pot you can see that things don't happen overnight and in time you just need to get back on track and be patient.  This is one of the paintings I have been working on this week.....

I started with the background, putting down some layers of colour

I've started to look at a backgrounds that I produce and see what sort of images you can see that start to emerge, this can turn up some quite interesting figures..

then to add colour

After I finished painting I scanned into the computer and added some more using photoshop...and the finished painting....
I also made some cards, key rings and book marks

I have a few more paintings to complete, and glad I managed to complete this one.  At some point I will be uploading onto my website and you will be able to purchase any that catch your eye.

Next week 1st June also marks another challenge that I will be doing, 365 days of colour - Flower of the day. Each day for the year I will be posting a photograph of a flower I have taken or painting of a flower that I have done alongside a quote and scripture.  I hope this blesses and inspires you.  Even on the darkest of days there is so much inspiration around us, and sometimes we have to step out to be encouraged, look around and take stock, for more information see the page above.  Hope you have a blessed weekend, more art on the way!, do leave a comment and let me know how your getting on...Stay blessed!

If you are faithful in the little things,
you will be faithful in the larger ones.....Luke 16:10
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