Thursday 10 November 2016

Alliouagana Festival of the Word 2016 - Invitation to Montserrat

November the 10th to the 13th marks the start of the Alliouagana Festival of the Word in Montserrat.  The program is quite a packed one with speakers coming from all over the world.

My husband and I have been asked to deliver a presentation at the festival and I am quite excited at the thought.  Alan will be speaking about the impact of the internet especially relating to children and he will also be running a workshop with a group of school children.

My talk is titled from Diaries to Blogs and I will look at how we can share our creative voices without being overwhelmed by social media and technology.  I will also be exhibiting some of my work.

It is a wonderful opportunity to not only go to another Caribbean island but also to share our experience and the work that we do.  I shall be keeping you all updated along the way via my Facebook and Instagram accounts, and some short videos via my YouTube and when we get back I should have more images and interesting points of view to share here on the blog.

So stay tuned, be prepared to come with me on the journey to Montserrat, see the scenery, hear snippets of some of the talks and maybe even one day venture out there yourself.

Lots more happening behind the scenes so will reveal when we get back

As you can see, some really great titles for the talks.  We are chatting on Radio Montserrat on Friday, giving some background to what we do.

There are a lot of presenters and creative activities intermingled.  I hear the National Dish 'Goat Water' is quite tasty!

My talk comes on Sunday, which I am looking forward to as well as being slightly nervous!

So if you would like to come to the festival, there is still time, last minute bookings welcome, if not be sure to come back and see some of the images that I will be sharing.

Blessings!  Amanda

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