Friday 26 November 2021

52 Weeks of Art Journals - Butterfly Art Journal

Here is the Butterfly art journal that is part of the 52 Weeks of Art Journals.  The Butterfly is made from wood and then covered with glitter - I have a few pots that I am trying to use up. I have added some collage and paint to some of the pages in preparation for when I next work in them.

You can get wooden shapes and attach them to your art journals and decorate them.

Here is one of the pages that is being prepared waiting for additional paint and other elements.

Check out the video HERE

At the end of the video I share an art journal process page

Hope you enjoy

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Tuesday 23 November 2021

Giveaways, Courses and more..

One Badass Art Journal 2022

I am going to be teaching on a few more courses next year and I am excited to share them with you.  The first one is One Badass Art Journal 2022, we are running a giveaway and you can enter HERE  Leave your details and your name goes into the pot for a chance to win a seat.

Enter HERE  for a chance to win a spot on the course

Here is what you will be getting on the course....

• get 17 badass art journal lessons (includes a book making lesson)
• learn BADASS mixed media techniques
• be infused with confidence, creativity and inspiration
• learn great tips and tricks you can use again and again
• play with a variety of tools, adding to your skills
• experience beautiful color combinations and blending techniques
• make BADASS, mixed media, art journal pages
Here’s what you can expect:
• Step-by-Step Mixed Media Tutorials
• Video Tutorials
• Downloadable PDFs
• Wonderful for beginners or anyone who wants to RELEASE their inner BADASS.

Creative JumpStart - Creating Connections 2022

The second course that I am teaching on is called Creative Jumpstart, registration opens on 29th and I will be able to share with you additional information.  You can find out about all the teachers HERE

Creative JumpStart was created by Nathalie Kalbach for hobbyists and artists alike to learn from the best of the best, and take action to build a creative habit. 

The workshop is delivered over four weeks via 38 pre-recorded lessons and interactive sessions (think live webinars and a private forum just for CJS students & instructors to connect).  You get the chance to ask questions, get hands-on help, and join the creative community. 

I will share more about the course and a sneak peek of my class in the coming week.


Why not join me on Patreon   It can be a busy time with all these courses and if you are not able to join me on these courses, you can always check out over 60 Patron only posts that include tutorials, how to videos, behind the scenes and more for as little as $3 per month. 

Wednesday 17 November 2021

Fabric Stash


Join me as I share with you my new textile stacking system.  I have rearranged the shelving so that they wouldn't topple over and be a bit neater.

Over the weeks I will share some of the contents with you which include some projects that I have started - I am challenging myself to get some of them complete

Monday 15 November 2021

Book of Days - Registration opens TODAY


It is great to be able to let you know that the Book Of Days 2022 is now open for registration, and I am one of the Guest Teachers. The class includes 25 artists (including one writing coach) + over 33 lessons + monthly workbooks + three LIVE ON ZOOM gatherings with Effy, and will be $99 until December 31st, at which point it will go up to $120. There is a payment plan available if you need it too!

The class begins JANUARY 1st 2002 and also includes instant access to the Book of Days Boot Camp and a Swag Bag of Coupon Cods and Freebees.


Book Of Days 2022 is a collaborative e-course hosted by Effy Wild, designed to take you on a deep dive into the world of mixed media art journaling. The lessons are suitable for everyone from beginners to advanced journal artists. You will find the lessons thorough and comprehensive, and you will find yourself creating and maintaining a practice of meeting yourself on the page.

Every month, you will meet two new teachers, and find a virtual ‘bird feeder’ absolutely bursting at the seams with seeds of inspiration. You will have access to prompts designed to be engaged in a written OR art journal, full-length mixed media art journaling tutorials that include videos, instructional PDFs, and lots of opportunities to grow, share, and feather your artist’s nest with beautiful, meaningful work. 

We would love you to join us on the journey and you can find out more information HERE

Also Check out the courses below:


Art Journal Page - Doodle Art


In todays video we are going to create this page.  

You can see the video below.  It was fun to create, the pages were prepped beforehand, which makes creating a lot easier as you don't have to worry about the whole process.

I did a flip through of the art journal which you can see below.

It is one of my mini art journals that I shared

I love working in journals of all sizes, the smaller ones work well if you want to create on a smaller size and you have limited time.  Either way spending time being creative on a daily basis is important for your health and wellbeing.

Check out the art journal playlist on my YouTube channel.  For additional exclusive content you can check me out on my Patreon platform.

Friday 12 November 2021

Mini Art Journal - 52 Art Journals Series


Here is the latest Mini Art Journal which is part of the 52 Art Journal Series.  In the video I do a flip through of the art journal and I also work on a page.  These are great to have so that you can add details when you just want to do a little bit or want to at least show up and do something creative in your journal

You can see the video HERE 

Here is a couple of the pages from the journal

I go through the journal once created and add some background images and colors and it is a nice jump up point when return to work on the pages.

I share with you in the video how I would work on a page like this so watch it to the end :)

If you are interested in learning some of my techniques why not join me on one of my courses: - check them out HERE

Wednesday 10 November 2021

I know Why the Caged Bird Sings - Art Journal Page


Come and join me as I share an Art Journal Page using the same name as the book by Maya Angelou - I know Why the Caged Bird Sings - Great book if you have not read it yet, Amazon has a reduced price at the moment.  Check out the video below:

I show you from start to finish how I would work on a page, using Neo-colors and stencils and some pens at the end.

This is a good example of using up the paint on your pallet and using it to create an image in your art journal. Hope you enjoy seeing how it takes shape.

Monday 8 November 2021

Art Journal Page - CD Art Journal

This page has been created in my CD Art journal that I shared with you on Sunday, hope you enjoy.

You can check out a selection of exclusive art journals on my Patreon membership page which starts at $3 per month or look at the Free selection on my YouTube

Have a blessed week!

Final Reminder: Don’t Miss Out on Art Bundles for Good #6

  Art Bundles for Good #6  This is the last day!

I just wanted to send one final reminder that this is the last day to get the all new Art Bundles for Good #6. After midnight tonight, it will be gone. 100+ art courses and resources.

Take a moment to check out the Art Bundle website to see all the amazing courses included this year. 

There are over $5000 worth of art courses and other resources on topics like watercolor painting, art journaling, sketching, mixed media, acrylic painting, oil painting, stencils, collage, pastel pencils, colored pencils, stamp carving, mandalas, and much more all bundled together for one low price. 

This is an amazing opportunity to get more than 100 art resources at such a low price. With so many products, it works out to less than $1 per course!

Get over 100 top art learning resources from more than 85 artists AND do some good at the same time.

We’ve raised US$81,654 for charity so far.  25% of the Art Bundle profits are going to support Courageous Kitchen, a Bangkok-based charity helping refugees.

PRODUCT LIST - What you will receive:-

  1. Beauty in the Shadow (Tamara Laporte – Value $24

  2. Soul Mantras (Mary Beth Shaw ~ Value $39

  3. Safe Passage (Katrina Koltes – Value $34

  4. Illuminated Pages January (Renata Loree – Value $45

  5. FACES with Ildy (Ildy Karsay – Value $50

  6. Affirmative Collage Play! (Shelley Klammer – Value $25

  7. Art Doll Assemblage ‘Hail Twilight!’ (Sue Young – Value $32

  8. Atmospheric Perspective Value Studies in Ink (Leslie Lambert - Value $21

  9. From Acrylics to Oil Painting in 5 Easy Steps (Malcolm Dewey – Value $25

  10. Steampunk Doll (Jenny Manno – Value $5

  11. Portrait Drawing: Creating Emotion in Colored Pencil (Veronica Winters – Value $45

  12. The 5 Symbols Compass – An Intuitive Collage Journey (Heather Hoeps – Value $79

  13. Loosen Up! (Tara Leaver – Value $275

  14. Booklet Bundles of Joy (Roben-Marie Smith – Value $55

  15. Painting Horses in Watercolour (Liz Chaderton – Value $34

  16. Empowered Heart Art Journal (Katrina Slade – Value $79

  17. Painting Workshop Bundle (Laurel Greenfield – Value $150

  18. DIY Alcohol Ink Wine Glasses and Coffee mugs sealed in Resin (Kellie Chasse – Value $30

  19. Mango the Toucan + Bonus Abstract Gardens (Eulalia Mejia – Value $55

  20. The Gift of the Present (Mary Beth Shaw ~ Value $25

  21. Simple Seascape Acrylic Painting Mini-Course (Jenny Buchanan – Value $20

  22. Digital Coloring Your Art – With Any Software! (Patricia Caldeira – Value $20

  23. Mixed Media Color Play (Wendy Solganik – Value $37

  24. Stamp Carving Amazing! (Mimi Bondi – Value $29

  25. Create your own: Mixed Media Bookmarks (Consie Sindet – Value $24

  26. Painting in Gouache (Andy Walker – Value $40

  27. Flower Painting 101 (Addie Hirschten – Value $60

  28.  Mixed Media Kickstart Bundle (Shawn Petite – Value $49

  29. Collage Hearts (Amy Smith – Value $34

  30. Pumpkin Spice and Everything Nice Mixed Media Workshop (Jill Adamy – Value $27

  31. Embrace a Better Story: 5 Days of Courageous Creativity (Jenny & Rebekah – Value $27

  32. Layers of Stencils: Opposites Really Do Attract (Mary Beth Shaw ~ Value $25

  33. Mixed Media Art Deco Portrait (Karen Campbell – Value $37

  34. Winter Woodlands Workshop (Miriam Schulman – Value $300

  35. Meet the Beetles (Mindy Lighthipe – Value $99

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  37. Journal Jam  (Effy Wild – Value $45

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  39. Tropical Birds with Watercolors (Josie De Meo – Value $169

  40. How to Draw a Jack Russell (Colin Bradley – Value $14

  41. Fallen Leaves  (Sherry DiPaolo – Value $47

  42. Steampunk Gal (Jenny Manno – Value $5

  43. Illuminated Pages in February (Renata Loree – Value $45

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  45. Playing Card Art – Inspirational Cards (Amanda Trought – Value $35

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  54. Painted Papers (Amy Smith – Value $34

  55. Holiday Bags & Tags (Lisa Thill – Value $25

  56. Scribble Owls (Kim Dellow – Value $34

  57. Book of Awe Mixed Media Altered Book Journal Course (Rozlyn Warren) Value $47

  58. Color My Life (Kellee Wynne Conrad – Value $65

  59. Fantastic Faces in 5 Days (Carrie Brummer – Value $27

  60. Historical Artists’ Pigments Painting Course (Christine Elder – Value $75

  61. The Goddess Project  (Christa Forrest – Value $65

  62. Angel of Confidence (Tiare Smith – Value $22

  63. Dancing in Red (Elida Field – Value $50

  64. Get Your Message Out Using Art! (Deb Putnoi – Value $97

  65. Sculpting a Santa Moon Ornament (Suzette Hussey – Value $25

  1. Giving Thanks – Art Journaling for honoring the Earth (Heather Neilson – Value $25

  2. 5-minute Mindful Art and Nature Activities (Cynthia Hauk – ) Value $39

  3. Collage Almanac 2021 (Eulalia Mejia – Value $17

  4. Watercolour Roosters (Kerrie Woodhouse – Value $45

  5. Lunar Journaling Class (Jennibellie – Value $53

  6. Woven Dreams (Laly Mille – Value $49

  7. Photo Reference Mastery (Angela Fehr – Value $49

  8. Themed Mixed Media (Kassi Martin – Value $244

  9. Modern Poppies (Anna Battle – Value $33

  10. The Joy of Collage Making (Simone Nijboer – Value $112

  11. How To Draw Realistic Eyes In Colored Pencil (John Middick – Value $97

  12. Enjoy every moment (Jenny Grant – Value $27

  13. 3 Skills to Master in Abstract Painting (Heather Neilson – Value $35

  14. Time travel with me to New Earth (Alexandra Kleinichen – Value $33

  15. Mixed Media Art Circles Inspired Background Papers Bumper Kit (Amanda Trought – Value $10

  16. Transformational Sketchbook Journaling: Body Gratitude Course (Anne Leuck – Value $42

  17. Pink Poppy in Watercolor (Leslie Lambert - Value $21

  18. Draw and Color Botanical Mandalas (Louise Gale – Value $57

  19. Playful Portraits (Juna Biagioni – Value $34

  20. Stay Curious (Mindy Lacefield – Value $79

  21. Paint Amazing Dewdrops in Watercolour (Jacqueline Hill – Value $27

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  23. Sketchy Adventures Around The World (Taria Dawson – Value $18

  24. You Are The Light (Tamara Laporte – Value $24

  25. Painting the Wilderness: A Beginner Watercolor Guide (Kolbie Blume – Value $20

  26. Daring Adventures in Abstract Paint (Mati McDonough – Value $179 

  27. GIMP: Make Digital Paintings & Illustrations Like a Pro (Kristen Palana – Value $40

  28. Steampunk Lady (Jenny Manno – Value $5

  29. The Wildlife Painting Academy (Danielle Trudeau – Value $54

  30. Painting as Practice 1- Laying Solid Foundations (Susan Nethercote – Value $77

  1. Illuminated Pages in March (Renata Loree – Value $45

  2. Strawberry Mousse with Ildy (Ildy Karsay – Value $40

  3. Art Journaling for Well Being (Keren Tamir – Value $75

  4. Easy Floral Illustrations on Your iPad in Procreate (Kimma Smith – Value $25

  5. Butterflies in Colored Pencil (Val Webb – Value $50

  6. Steampunk Woman (Jenny Manno – Value $5

  7. Make Your Own Oracle Deck - (Deanna Jinjoe - Value $47

  8. How to Paint a Watercolor Gladiola (Laura Watson – Value $80

  9. Painted Leaves (Sherry DiPaolo – Value $27

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