Tuesday 26 January 2021

Red Wall Hanging and Slow Stitching


In the video below I share with you some of the processes behind creating this wall hanging and you also get a look behind the motivation and thinking that went into creating this piece.

It uses a variety of elements not normally placed together and also includes areas of slow stitching and embroidery stitches.

It also has cotton that has been grown from my garden woven within it

And also includes sculptural elements and beading

Let me know what you are working on and share with me on instagram @realityarts

Tuesday 19 January 2021

Stitched Meditations - Boro Shasheko Stitching


In this video I share with you some of the processes used for creating this wall hanging, it uses some of the techniques known as Boro Shasheko also Slow Stitching.

I created on several small pieces to begin with and then brought them together.

The pieces of material all were recycled and they have their own story to tell.  Let me know if you have ever used the stitches in your own work.

It is a very meditative piece and I also added a number of additional elements and sculptural pieces onto it.  I also used Moringa wood harvested from my garden as sculptural hangings at the base of the wall hanging.  Thank you for taking time out to watch the video.

Monday 18 January 2021

Arts and Wellness Cafe - Hit the Ground Running - its 2021!

How have you been getting on so far with 2021 off to a start of sorts we find our self half way through the month already!

Here are two of the Arts and Wellness Videos I have shared so far and in this one I consider the season that we are in, or that you find yourself in.

I share some insights in these videos and hope that you find moments of inspiration and maybe a few ah ha moments filled with a touch of laughter here and there.

What Season are you in?

As 2021 continue have you taken a step towards knowing exactly what season creatively you are really in.

It's 2021

What plans have you made for your year ahead?

Enjoy, Stay blessed

Belief - Creating in Faith - Realityarts Podcast


Creating in Faith - Belief


Thank you for joining me.  Check out the podcast episode for today and also take a look at some of the courses linked below.  We are now in Season 3 of Creating in Faith and I would like to thank all of those over the last 2 years that took time out to listen to the different episodes, it was most appreciated.

Today's word is: Belief 

Creating In Faith Encouraging Recordings are to bless and inspire you to be the best of yourself. It can be really great to pull out your art journal/Journal and express what comes up for you either with images and colour, with words or with both. Check out the weekly and monthly videos to help you spend more time in your art journal. 

There are some courses that I want to remind you to check out that I am teaching on:  

Check me out as well on the following:

YouTube www.youtube.com/amandatrought 
Blog - realityarts-creativity.blogspot.com Patreon Blog - www.patreon.com/realityarts Twitter - www.twitter.com/Realityarts Instagram www.instagram.com/realityarts/ Facebook www.facebook.com/realityartss/ 
Check out some encouraging boards on Pinterest @realityarts ******************************************** 
Artwork available from the title image HERE 

I also have an Arts and Health NHS Network for information on activities and organisations working in the field. You are welcome to join, it is a FREE resource and if you have any activities or want to talk about your work you are welcome to send me the information and I will see that it gets uploaded. You can create your own profile on the network and connect with others who are passionate about the arts in health too.

Saturday 16 January 2021

Loving Healing Creating Summit


I have been asked to be a presenter on the Loving Healing Creating Summit.  There are a great line up of presenters coming from a range of disciplines all looking at the way that creativity can impact on our health and well being.


Larissa Russell of Creative U invited me to join her in the online summit Loving-Healing-Creating   Larissa and I along with 24 other presenters have created an amazing online experience to push you a little further in your personal healing using different aspects of creativity.


Together we are sharing many different ways of healing with creativity... best advice from experts on healing with creativity all in one place… … and it’s FREE for you!


In the Loving-Healing-Creating Summit, you’ll find courses to support you in your healing.


Courses like:

  • Guided Meditation Painting

  • Personal Expression in an Art Journal

  • Self Portrait Vision Board

  • Affirmation Cards

  • Movement to Inspire Creativity

  • and more!


I am excited to share a sneak peek of my session with you which looks at ways to create layers in mixed media art and identify encouraging words that you can use in your creative adventure.

Lots of yummy colour and mark making

Hurry and register for this free event as time is limited, Free access is from February 2-14, 2020.

You can also get unlimited access for only $47 USD (early bird special until Feb 1) CLICK HERE for more information. Looking forward to having you join us.

Monday 11 January 2021

Gratitudes and Celebration Art Journal - Flip Trough


Gratitude's and Celebration Art Journal flip through. In todays video I share a flip through of my art journal which spans the course of about a year and a half.  I love creating hand made Art Journals and faces and it makes.

Check out some of the other art journals in the play list HERE

Friday 8 January 2021

Art Journal Page - Collage, Paint and Doodle

I am creating in my art journal in this video and to start out I have applied background paper to the pages.  It is a great way to use up patterned paper that you may have and you can add them to blank pages for use at a later time.

I am also going to be adding some marks and texture to the page and just allow myself to enjoy the process in the art journal.

Let me know what your favourite supplies that you like using in your art journal and it would be great to see some examples


Saturday 2 January 2021

Arts and Wellness Cafe - Happy New Year


Thank you for joining me in the Arts and Wellness Café, and I want to take this time to wish you a Happy New Year!!

I also want to thank you for joining me over the year, take a look at the video below.  I mention sharing an art video for you to look at which is below as well, working in an art journal.

Art Journal Background - Doodling on a Page

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