Friday, 5 April 2013

E is for Encouraging

Art Journal Page - Mixed media
Are there times when you have felt like giving up?  or ‘throwing in the towel’ because you  just couldn’t see where you were meant to be/go next and you were at the stage where you were going to leave it all and change your direction?

I know that I’ve been there and I doubt it will be the last, because this is how life can be sometimes.  We will all have those times of doubt and insecurity and we can question the stage of our journey, and in these times all that is needed to put you back on to track is an encouraging word, to remind you that you are enough right where you are, that you are on the right track and giving up is not an option.  That little piece of encouragement could be the very thing that is needed to put you back on course, and remind you how close you are to your goals.  It can be a word of insight spoken by someone else, or something you have put in place to remind yourself just how far you have come.  I celebrate the gift of being able to encourage others, and impact in a positive way into their lives.   

When you think back can you remember those who spoke encouraging words into your life and how they impacted into your life even to this day?  How can you be more encouraging to others in what they are doing? 

Painting for the day
Each day I will show a completed piece of art or journal page hope you enjoy todays
 Mixed media Art Journal page - I am Enough

 Blog Love
I am sharing some love with a random selection of those who are also taking part in the 2013 A-Z Challenge,it's not everyone whose blog starts with the letter E, but a few of them for you to start with....

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