Wednesday, 24 April 2013

U is for Update

Since I wrote asking everyone to pray for my brother in my post called Understanding, who has Multiple Myeloma a couple of months ago I thought It would be helpful to give you an update.  Your prayers and thoughts for the family are still needed, and I appreciate all the comments that have been coming through and encouraging words.

Robert found out a couple of weeks ago that the cancer had spread all over his body, he was not responding to the previous chemo and they have since put him on another drug.  He found this last drug helped with his energy levels and he was (up to last week) feeling more like himself.  As part of the treatment he has to have a week off and during these weeks finds that he is extremely tired, and obviously some of the side effects are beginning to take its toll.  He has been having some trouble with his left side and nerve damage and there is a lot of weakness in his left hand.

As his big sister, even at our age I guess I still want to make things better for him as my younger brother, and feel so powerless at not being able to make it go away.  I also recently found out that I was not a match.  We shared so many adventures and fun times when we were children, and there are many more adventures I hope to share with him.  

More than 1 in 3 of us will get cancer, and those not affected directly will know someone who has it or know someone who has a loved one who is effected and it is up to us to take a stand and do what we can to raise awareness, funds, and do our part.  Cancer Research UK are running over 230 Race for Life events over the UK and Macmillan Cancer Research are also running a range of different events to raise awareness and much needed funds. I encourage you to do your part however you can where ever you are.  I also thank you in advance for your much needed prayers for Robert and the rest of the family.  Blessings, Amanda

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