Monday, 8 April 2013

G is for Growth

Growth is part of a process and we assume after a period of time  there should be some changes.  On Saturday I talked about being fruitful and part of producing fruit is a result of growth taking place, the quality of the fruit is something else!

As a mixed media Artist, I never assume that I know all there is to know about art, I am still a work in progress and appreciate that there are still many things to learn - new techniques and equipment that I have yet to try.  I therefore think it is vitally important to make an investment each year in my learning and development.  Along the way I also do a lot of reading and interacting with other artists, for with each encounter I want to learn something new, gain a new insight along the way which I can apply to my life and essentially grow.  Taking part in this challenge is always a learning experience and is something that has made me more confident to blog.  I celebrate my life today and I am thankful that learning is important to me.  I will continue to invest in my growth.  Can you identify areas of your life where growth has taken place?

Painting of the Day - 
Each day I share some of my newly completed work!
Mixed media 11"x8.5"

 Blog Love
I am sharing some love with a random selection of those who are also taking part in the 2013 A-Z Challenge, it's not everyone whose blog starts with the letter G, but a few of them for you to start with...

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