Wednesday 25 April 2018

Spinning and weaving - Sea Island Cotton Pursuits

 I have been growing Cotton in my garden and currently have 4 plants, 3 of which has been producing quite a bit of what is known as Sea Island Cotton.

Cotton growing in the garden showing the Bolls

 Excitedly I took a trip to a store in London, Seven Sisters that sold Yarn and other tools that would help me process the cotton. 

I never thought that I would get into weaving and spinning but couldn't let the cotton just go to waste.  Sea Island Cotton is grown in Barbados, Jamaica and Antigua and has a reputation of being a superior cotton.

Sea Island Cotton of Barbados, waiting to be picked

 As a Mixed Media Artist I am always looking for interesting ways to incorporate different materials in my work.  With the textiles that I have been working with this is a great way to incorporate the cotton into my work.

Check out the Video

The Handweavers Studio and Gallery is a lovely store to browse and they also have many courses to suit whether beginner or experienced which you can check out HERE.

I spent a good while in the store getting familiar with the different fibers that I can get to practice with, the books they had on display carried a wealth of information.  There are so many different terms for the different stages, as a newbie I have a lot to learn.

I didn't realize that there was so many different types of cotton and yarn in general

The staff were very helpful and I managed to spend 2 hours soaking up all the different yarns and equipment they had to offer.

The Handweavers Studio and Gallery has many courses to suit whether beginner or experienced which you can check out.

If you are interested in taking any classes check out Craftsy and their FREE Trial they have some amazing courses!

Craftsy have some  Weaving and Spinning courses in their free trial at the moment!

Everything you need to knit, crochet, spin and weave at

Creative Bug also have a good selection of  classes and have a One Month Free Access!

I also found some books and resources on Amazon that will help me with my spinning and weaving skills, you might find them useful too!  
Click on the image to check them out in amazon

Hand Spinning


Hand Weaving Basi

Spinning Hand Dyed Fibre

I will also be sharing on my Creative Gardener Channel how my cotton is growing in the coming months.  You can see 31 of the different plants that I am growing in my garden at the moment.

Who knows you might join me on this journey and feel drawn to spinning and weaving as well.  Stay blessed and be a blessing.

Thursday 12 April 2018

Money Mob - Radio Interview Art and Urban Gardening

Things have been happening so quickly that I was having a hard time keeping up with myself.  I touched down in London nearly two weeks ago and about a week was spent nursing a cold that I caught from my mother.  I am on the mend and just have a cough remaining and I will be sharing more over the coming days some of the things that I have been getting up to.  

I wanted to share what will be happening this evening.  I have been asked for the second time to be on the Money Mob Black business Forum Radio Talk Show which is on every THURSDAY from 6pm - 8pm on Urban Jazz Radio

It is great to be able to talk about some of the work that I am doing both here and in Barbados with art, arts in health and more recently organic Gardening.

I would love to have you join us on the show with your host
Paul Muhammad & Co-hosts Glenys Russell & Sister Barbara

You can listen in the following ways: - 
Listen via the Urban Jazz Radio website:

I will definitely be sharing more of my trip so do come back!

Friday 6 April 2018

Pressing Life's Pause Button

Pressing Life's Pause Button - 
before it gets pressed for you!

Life has a way of getting you to stop, despite not wanting to, and what you do with it is entirely up to you.  You can take the wisdom that whispers ever so silently in your ear to slow down, take stock and recalculate, or you can choose to ignore it entirely and as you stir that morning you find that you are in excruciating pain, and those parts that use to move smoothly are holding you to ransom.

I think my whispers began when I broke my little toe.  A very small appendage you might think but it still has oh so many nerve endings that throbbed in unison as if they were all doing the 'Candy/electric slide' turn right about there, as I climbed over a small makeshift barrier to stop the dog from entering the spare room - the very one that you can see peaking at the top of the picture below!

The whisper told me get organised, I chose to carry on with my very own routine that now included a dog called Cole and I would just get on with things.  My little toe caught in the makeshift barrier without me seeing the secret rendezvous for one and before i knew it the job had been done.  One broken toe throbbed, swelled and I soldiered on as you do.  The question asked so many times - are you sure its broken?  I did 'that look' with my eyes saying through gritted teeth that I was the broken toe expert thank you very much!

Ignoring the signs

To add insult to injury our new puppy decided that my toe was the launch pad to every thing fun, he would sit, stand, jump gnaw at the poor toe that did no wrong.  For some reason I still chose not to listen and ran about as normal.

A friend visited from the UK and I spoke to them about that feeling of wanting to pause things but felt like I was on a roller coaster to try and get the things that I wanted to get done organised.  Now with the UK visit looming I tried to sort out as many things as possible, realizing that the main important things are the ones to focus on, and then I came away on the flight.


April always brings about the Ultimate Blog challenge which I am a part of and you have to create a blog post every day on a specific or a range of topics, so why not add another thing to the list of things to do.  I chose to share about things to do on a budget in the UK, I was on a budget so it would be a great way to be able to share some of my findings, especially going to all the cool Art Galleries and events that I had found, but I was about to get a wake up call.

Braving the cold weather

I heard the whispers again but assumed it was the cold weather, the breeze hitting my hat and skimming my ears, but no, I wrapped up warm but it mattered not what I had on I was still chilled to the bone as if I had been in the deep freeze waiting to thaw out.  I would get these looks as I went about my day - these people really didn't know that despite being in Barbados I still got cold so I ignored the looks as I tried to get on with things.

It began to dawn on me that as much as I wanted to do my body was telling me something else, I started to get a sore throat, and then started to sneeze, and I put it down to mum who had a cold, but it would be something that I could shake.  What is with noses running like rivers, I would be sitting there talking to my friend and before you know it the banks burst and holding my head back at a particular angle had to fight to get the tissues out of my bag while it tumbled it's way to my top lip - is it just me?.

How many times do you need to be told

I continued to brave the cold the following day with a list of things that I wanted to do before I was hit.

Why is it that we ignore the warning signs trying to pretend that we can put on our super hero costume and dodge all the signs cause they are not really for me.

The Pause Button was pressed without me being able to and all I was able to do is wrap up, drink my herbal remedies and sleep.  

Honey, Lemon and Ginger the essentials - the garlic is around the corner

The sun shone through the windows tempting me to venture out and I must admit that I went to feel the rays against my sink reminded me of the conversation about putting things on pause so that I could catch my breath and I have been resting, reading, catching up and nurturing my body, I have to remind myself of on a regular basis to ensure that I had more balance in my life, which is not something we should scoff at, but take it seriously before you are forced to take the time.  

I have taken a pause - As I type this I have my feet up wrapped in a blanket. Take a moment to think about the following questions and the changes that you need to make. 

  • What is it that you need to do and NOW that you have been putting off?
  • What do you need more of in your life?
  • What pain have you been putting up with that you need to have checked out.

While you are at it, check out some of the Resources and Discounts that you could be making use of. 

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