Saturday 28 March 2020

Nouvel Carre Review - Inspirational Shorts

In this post I am sharing the pastels by Nouvel Carre.  They are a hard pastel and I have a few of the colours that I used when I did the 100 day pastel challenge.

You can check out the video below

Or listen to the podcast

You will also find all the resources available on Amazon  Check out some of my favorite supplies HERE

Also take a look at some of my other Pastel Videos and Reviews below

100 Pastel Paintings

Stay Blessed and be a Blessing

Monday 23 March 2020

Art Supplies Review - Inspirational Shorts

In this post I share with you a selection of product reviews as part of Inspirational Shorts, to share with you the way in which I use a range of supplies and also how I have found using them.

I would love to hear what your experience of these supplies are.  You can also check out my Amazon page to see other supplies and resources you will be able to see.

Conte Pastel Pencils

Bees Wax Review

Apple Barrel Review

You can also Listen to the Podcast to hear about the Inspirational Shorts reviews as well.  Click on the link or the image.

Thank you for joining me, stay blessed and be a blessing

Sunday 8 March 2020

Artists Talks - Nala, Malcontent - A Work in Progress

Recently spoke to artist Nala at his exhibition Malcontent.

Artists - Alan Springer, Heather Dawn Scott, Nala, & Oneka Small

He spoke about the way that his work can be viewed as social commentary of the things that he hears and experiences.

Artist Nala

The link between the art created and mental health and well-being, the things that inspires him as he works.

Artist Nala shares insights to his art

And where he sees his work moving to next, the combination of theater and expression is one of the ways in which he addresses topics and themes that arise out of his creativity both as the art on the canvas and in a theater setting.

Artist Nala

Saturday 7 March 2020

Podcast Weekly Episodes 201 & 202

Welcome and a Happy Friday to you.

In this post I will be sharing two episodes of this weeks podcast.  The Arts and Wellness Wednesday and the Inspirational Shorts where I will be sharing a review.  I hope you are able to listen to them and get some useful takeaway pieces of information.

Arts and Wellness Wednesday 

I share events that are taking place in the UK and you may find useful to your creative practice - 

We have our Artists Studio Tours on 14th and 15th March - I am location 15 on the map and it would be great to see you &
Caribbean Fine Art Fair on the 11th March to 15th March
both not to be missed

Inspirational Shorts

For today's Inspirational Shorts I will be reviewing a Bees wax product that you can do a range of creative projects with, alongside candle wax and petroleum.  I have been using them for some small batik projects alongside semi-encaustic on pastels.  I will be sharing more with you.  I am using a simple oil burner with tealights, which makes the wax melt fairly quickly.

You can listen to the podcast episode below as well as watch the video and see the products.

Here is the video

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