Thursday 14 November 2019

Artists Studio Tours Barbados 2020

 Artists Tour
Artists Tours

Discover Barbados, Discover Art

It is great to be part of The Artists Studio Tours which brings together over 30 artists all opening their studio and exhibition spaces to the public.

There are Painters, Sculptors, Mixed Media Artists, Photographer, Textile artists, Clay artists, Jewelry and Newspaper craft artists

Whilst some of the Artists and their Studios are open at other times during the year by appointment you will be able to make your way round to the artists that catch your eye and see more of their work.

I will be opening up my space over the two weekends and you will be able to see where the creative spark happens and my display space, it will be a great event, and will likely be an annual one.

She Knew - Mixed Media Art - Amanda Trought
Mixed Media Art Sculpture -  Amanda Trought

The studios are open on
Saturday 15th and Sunday 16th February, and again on Saturday 14th and Sunday 15th March 2020

You can check out the other artists on the Artists Studio Tour Website HERE  I look forward to seeing you.

Wednesday 13 November 2019

Arts and Wellness Wednesday - Book Review - Creative Awakenings

Welcome to the blog today.  On the podcast I did a review of the book - Creative Awakenings, Envisioning The Life of Your Dreams Through Art and you can listen to the podcast episode below.

You can check out the book below on Amazon, click on the book for further information 

It is written by Sheri Gaynor and it features inspiration from 12 different artists.  It has so many ideas, mixed media techniques and more within the pages of the book I think it is fantastic.  I have been working through the chapters, and will at some point share some more of my take away's from the book, for now check out the Podcast where I go through the book.

I have listed it on my amazon book list and you can see other books in my growing ideas list of Art Books and Supplies.

Tuesday 12 November 2019

New Post Podcast - Creating in Faith - Space Episode - 156

Welcome to Episode 156 of the Creating in Faith Episode on Realityarts podcast. Today's word is Space.

When I look at the valley, mountain, and forests and sea I know there is a God - you can look at the vastness of the universe or your home surroundings. While I don't have the mountains, or valleys near my home we can find the joy in other things that those environments can bring to us. What does the idea of space mean to you both mentally and physically? Check out the Podcast HERE and let me know what you think.

Creating In Faith Weekly Encouraging Recordings are to bless and inspire you to be the best of yourself. It can be really great to pull out your art journal/Journal and express what comes up for you either with images and colour, with words or with both.
There are so many FREE ways in which you can support the podcast and the work that I do on some of the other channels and it is always a blessing when you connect -

  • listening each week and leave a comment,
  • Subscribe to any or all of my channels, visit the
  • YouTube channel (remember to hit the notification bell)
  • Let me know how the content impacted you and if you were inspired to make changes/additions to your work or life.
Check out some encouraging boards on Pinterest

I also have an Arts and Health NHS Network for information on activities and organisations working in the field. You are welcome to join, it is a FREE resource and if you have any activities or want to talk about your work you are welcome to send me the information and I will see that it gets uploaded. You can create your own profile on the network and connect with others who are passionate about the arts in health too.

Creative Encourager - If you want to talk about creativity and the direction your going and need an ear, sign up for a FREE 30 minute call

Stay blessed and be a blessing

Monday 11 November 2019

Signature Art Exhibition - Mayfair, London

Signature African Art Gallery - Mayfair, London

I was recently invited to attend an exhibition at the Signature African Art Gallery in London Mayfair.  There was some great work on display and new work is added on a regular basis.  They represent artists from West Africa.  More and more I have been draw to sculpture, and I really love the mixed media work on display, but all the work was fantastic.

If you are in the neighborhood check them out.  You can also check out their website HERE and look at the artists that they represent - such a wealth of talent.

Have a look at the video I created below, I had a lovely time viewing the work, it would have been lovely to meet some of the artists, but that is for another time.  The video will give you a sneak peek at some of the work.

Stay blessed and be a blessing

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