Monday 28 June 2021

Creating in Faith - Podcast Word for the Week - Optimistic

Join me on the podcast where the word for the week is Optimistic.  

When you think about the word Optimistic what do you think your approach is with regards to your own creative walk and how you feel about the work.  Sometimes we can hold an internal view about ourselves and not realize the impact that it is happening on the way that we do things.

Listen to the podcast below.

Did you miss the previous weeks recording?  You can also check out Here

It would be great to hear how you are getting on, Take care for now!

Thursday 24 June 2021

Word for the Week - Perceptive - Arts and Wellness Café

Welcome to this week, the word has been so far 'Perceptive' and it is great to think about how the word relates to our creativity.  When you think about what you do creatively how much of it would you say you get a sense that there is more to it than you yourself put in - in regards to effort?  Do things click, work out and often give you goosebumps or chills.  

It matters not if that is not the case for you at the moment, as there are areas of what you do that you just can't quite explain, and you don't need to (smile).

I started the week off with the podcast and you can listen to the episode HERE or below

In Arts and Wellness Café I continue the theme and you can watch the video HERE or below

I share some of the work that I have been doing in the studio along with some of my stitched pieces.

Textile Wall Hanging - Amanda Trought

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Tuesday 22 June 2021

Weekly Art Journal Ideas - Composition Notebook Art Journal

 Composition Notebook Art Journal 

As part of the 52 Weeks of Art Journal Check out my Composition Notebook Art Journal video above.  

There is no excuse not to create, you don't need to wait for that really nice art journal, or do you need to save that art journal for 'best'.  You can get composition notebooks for under $5 and while the pages are thin, once you add paint or collage material you are good to go!

Mixed Media Art Journal Page


Loose Leaf Art Journal Page

What are you doing with all your background pages that you have sitting in a pile stacked somewhere? I get them out every now and again and see if I am inspired to create something on one that happens to catch my eye.

I had left this loose art journal page in one of my piles to complete for quite a while before coming back to it and I found it at a time where I just wanted to keep things simple and use some paint and just play with the time that I had.
I really enjoy creating and seeing the figure come to life and have a story to tell, and it is also great practice to keep your hand in creatively, always have something that you can do on a daily basis, you don't have to finish a piece all at once.

I hope that you decide to experiment and play!

Supplies used to create this piece:

Folk Art Paints -
Posca Pens, Black and white -
Water-soluble Charcoal crayon -

Thursday 17 June 2021

Arts and Wellness Café - Intuitive - Word for the Week


Welcome to the Arts and Wellness Café, where we continue the word for the Week and I share some of my current work.

Are there ways in which you work intuitively?  How do you think it presents itself in the way you work? Check out the video above!

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Sunday 13 June 2021

#Artsysecondsunday - Frida Inspired Painting

It was great taking part recently in the #artsysecondsunday.

You can check out my video below as I am doing a Frida Kahlo Inspired painting, I share what has inspired me about her work and create a painting in my art journal. Which you can check out below.

Products Used in this page

Folk Art Paints -
Watersoluble Neocolors -
White posca pen -
Water-soluble Graphite Crayon -
Gesso -
Stencil -

Artsy Second Sunday is an art video collaboration organized by Martha from ilove2paint (AyalaArt) 

We are a group of Painters and Mess Makers that want to bring you joy and awesome paintings, every Second Sunday of each month. Please follow the links to find ALL sorts of styles and mediums in a fun filled binge. 

You can leave us a comment, a thumbs up, and of course you can subscribe to each channel if you have not done so. Our videos are done for you and feel free to ask any questions. Enjoy! 

Here are the participating artists, click on their names to go to their videos.  On the day you can join us in the LIVE premier or check out the videos after.  I have put them in order of appearance starting with Martha who goes live at 12 noon. (EST)  

Look forward to having you join us in future sessions! 

Monday 7 June 2021

Creating in Faith - Word for the Week - Overjoyed!!


Welcome, hope you are having a brilliant day so far today. On the podcast - today is the Creating in Faith episode. It is about Creating regardless to how you are feeling.

It is so important for us to do a creative activity each and every day, no matter how small as it is widely known that Art and Creativity have a healing effect on our health and wellbeing, so a getting involved in a creative activity will impact you in a positive way.

Check out the podcast link, the word for this week is overjoyed, and I want you to think about how that word makes you feel, what memories or reflections are brought up for you.

I would love to hear what things make you feel overjoyed.

Stay blessed and be a blessing

listen to the Podcast

If you missed last weeks podcast you can check it out Here

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