Wednesday 30 August 2017

Update - Survival and Triumph Online Auction - 24th Sept - 2nd October 2017

I am thrilled to have been chosen to be part of the online auction called Survival and Triumph.  The auction will occur from September 24th Noon EST to October 2nd at 3pm EST.

Me, Myself and I - Mixed Media Art

The artists include:

Donna Davies Timm, Lauren Rudolph,, Annie Hamman, Jennifer Bonneteau, Lara Provost, Renata Loree, Jennifer Albin, Lynda Fortin King, Mystele Kirkeeng, Donna L. Martin, Katrina Koltes, Jenny Doh, Dana Primrose Bloede and ME!  I feel honored to be part of the line up.

Each day there will be two artists. Dates for each artist are a surprise. Our auctions will run from 12 noon (first day), 1pm EST each day thereafter to 11:30 am EST the following day. Then the next two artists will begin at 1pm EST noon until all 14 artists are featured. Each artist will have approximately 15-25 pieces up for auction.

The auction is being hosted by Stephanie Gagos on Facebook and she has been sharing some of the work so far that will be included in the auction.

Here is a few of my pieces so far, I will be sharing more over the next few weeks.  If you would like to attend the auction you can do so HERE
Engage - Mixed Media Art Sculpture 

Remember to check out the other artists.  Our work is being shared on a daily basis on the Facebook group, and we would love to have you attend.

Me, Myself and I - Mixed Media Art

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