Friday 28 October 2016

Favorite Art Supplies - In the studio

I have been involved with the #1min1take videos as you might have read in my blog post yesterday.  It has been really great creating videos that you don't have to worry about editing.  It is almost freeing, of course I still enjoy some of the editing processes, but it does take quite a while to do, more if not equal to the amount of time it takes to film.

That said, I have created some mini videos that share some of my favorite supplies that I use in the studio.  I think creating these short videos are a great way to give you that spark of inspiration without being a long video, and I really like giving you where possible ideas that will kick start your own creativity. 

I will be doing longer videos for those who would like to see just how I use the supplies, the different ways you can use them and ways that you can use them that are not so obvious.

Check out some of my mini videos which I may keep going after the challenge finishes today, and let me know which ones you would like to see a longer version of.

Stay blessed and be a blessing.  See you tomorrow for some recycled projects.

Thursday 27 October 2016

How To Art Journal Interview with Kiala Givehand

A couple of weeks ago I spoke to Kiala Givehand about my work and creative practice as part of her How 2 Art Journal YouTube channel.  It was great fun and I thought I would leave the video link for you to take a look.

Been busy with other things this month, a few exhibitions to prepare for.  This week has also found me making some videos for the #1min1take video challenge with Holly Gillen.

It has been great to let go of the pressure of having to edit the video, and talking for one minute goes so quickly, so learning to be concise is becoming a great lesson.

Check out my YouTube channel to see some of the videos I have made, I hope that you will be encouraged.  Here are a few of the ones done so far

Hope you are having a blessed week so far, Friday tomorrow, need to find time to focus on the things that mean so much but can often get neglected.  That said will share some of the other things I have been doing in the studio.

Hang tight till then, stay blessed and be a blessing.
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