Thursday 31 March 2022

Filling the Creative Well Mixed Media Art Course - Easter Discount!

Filling the Creative Well is a self paced course Mixed Media Art Course with lifetime access, that will help you establish your creative practice while helping you to increase your Creativity & unlock your hidden talents!  

There are over 40 Mixed Media Arts Video and Audio resources to help you establish your Creative Practice, 90 Page Meditative Mandalas, Collages, Mixed Media Art Background papers, Art Journaling practice and more.  See the Easter Special details below

Some of the things you will learn

  • Creating your own backgrounds
  • Creating your own ephemera for your art journals and art activities
  • Creating your own set of cards - for encouragement and motivation
  • Learn a selection of ways to encourage yourself with your creativity
  • Learn to repurpose your art work and create gorgeous collages
  • Learn mixed media art techniques to create bowls from fabric and paper
  • Learn to nurture yourself
  • Private Facebook group to get feedback or share your work

·     Learn to use art and words to encourage yourself on a day to day basis and much more

You get several downloads to use in your creative practice

  • 90 Page PDF of Mandalas and Affirmations
  • Mixed Media Art Background Pages PDF
  • Encouraging Words PDF
  • Inspirational Shorts Audio
  • Daily words of self care PDF
  • Daily Questions to side step the critic PDF
  • Ideas and prompts for self care PDF
  • Phrases and Affirmations of Success PDF
  • 1:1 Session to talk about your creative development

Easter Special - Receive $10 OFF the cost of the course when you use the code - create2 at the checkout (Until the end of April 2022)

Wednesday 30 March 2022

Home Made Foam Stamps Week 5 - The 100 Day Project

Here is Week 5 Handmade Foam Stamps and the art piece created with the stamps.  The image says Soar, and it has been great re-establishing myself with the stamps and taking them to their next level and mounting them properly and creating some new designs.

Here are the stamps with their backing and the art piece crating using them.  The ink used is waterproof, so this enables me to add paint on top and create layers so that you can see hints of the stamps peeping through.


Courses to Check out

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Tuesday 29 March 2022

Hand Made Foam Stamps Week 4 - The 100 Day Project


Here are the Foam Stamps I created in Week 4, and you can check out the art page that I created with them as well.

Here are my stamps all nicely mounted, and were used to create the image.

Courses to Check out

Courses - Enjoy $10 OFF all courses until 30th April Click on the image to see the course.
Use the Code at the checkout - Create2

Monday 28 March 2022

Textile Arts - Slow Stitching

Slow stitching is one of the things that I love to do when creating.  I have been thinking about designing my own figures and started playing about with some ideas.

Here is one that I worked on.  It started out as a simple line drawing, then I transferred it to fabric and worked on it as you can see in the video.

The fabric has been wax resisted, dyed and then stitched and I am really enjoying this part.  I still have a backing to put on and my beads are singing to me but I think that it is quite full on at the moment.

You can see some of my other textile work in the Playlist HERE

Also catch one of the videos below


Courses - Enjoy $10 OFF all courses until 30th April
Use the Code at the checkout - Create2

Friday 25 March 2022

Are You Creatively Fulfilled?


In my latest video you join me in the studio as we reflect on what we need to be doing to bring more fulfillment into our lives.

What are your dreams? Have you listed them as unattainable or are you breaking them up to make them more doable chunks.
I have been listening to an audio book called 'Eat that Frog' by Brian Tracy and looking at areas of my life that need more focus. I am naturally a list maker but I don't always get everything done, or have a system for addressing it. So I have been working through the book - you can either check it out on YouTube, or Audible list it for free, you can check it out HERE -

You need to identify where you want your journey to take you, what are those creative dreams or goals do you have. Are the things that would make you feel fulfilled right in front of your face?
Hope you enjoy this reflection and it gets you thinking about your own journey

Blessings, have a great weekend.

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Friday 11 March 2022

Neurographic Art - Neurographica

Join me for my Neurographic Art Tutorial - Making my way.

I recently came across Bethany Thieles Art Teacher - Channel where she gives you a Neurographic art Tutorial - mindfulness in art. She goes into detail and gives her interpretation of the technique - but also check out the founder Pavel Piskarev's website - HERE

What drew me to it was the shapes that are created on the page and used it as a meditative tool. I have added my own spice, and used an already created background page with an image, and at the end of the piece I add additional color in some of the sections.

The technique known as Neurographica was founded by Pavel Piskarev in 2014 and is known as an art and stress reduction therapy. They have courses that you can take from Beginner to Instructor level and worth taking a look - the next statement from their website tells you about the theory behind it:

"The Theory of Neurographica is built on scientific principles using the knowledge of visual thinking in combination with the laws and patterns identified by various schools of psychology. Namely: neuropsychology, analytical psychology, Gestalt psychology, Psychosynthesis, social psychology and modern management theory."

I really enjoyed creating the pages that I created - I love doodling and mark making. I use black ink and paint brush to create my lines and I love the addition of the faces. I find creating art really relaxing, and will be using it in that way when I want to relax and be mindful.

You can check out Bethany's video HERE: For more information about Neurographica check out :


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Wednesday 9 March 2022

Join Us for Art for Freedom - Fund Raiser


I am one of the teachers in the Art for Freedom initiative sharing a lesson.
I have joined Larissa Russell of Creative U Healing, along with many other teachers to share a creative healing session to help alleviate stress, lower anxiety, and just all around help with feeling better.
My session is a part of many more that you get for free when you donate $27 dollars to help support Ukraine.
Larissa lives in Canada and her government has agreed to match donations in by March 18, so we had to act fast to make the most of our donated dollars.
If you want to donate more, or can’t donate $27, there are other options on the page.
Go HERE ( ) to donate today, and receive your FREE gift of Creative Healing Sessions.

Thank you for your support

Stay Blessed and Be a blessing

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Tuesday 8 March 2022

Mixed Media Collaborations - Etching in Oil Pastels


In this video I will be working in my art journal with oil pastels, gesso, and etching an image into the layers of the oil pastels. Having fun with the supplies and experimenting. Check out the other artists in the video hop, we meet every second Tuesday of the month, and the theme is open: Creatif Edges Byshraddha: Bea Grob: Priya Satish : Britta Smith Toftebjerg: Marie Linder: Archana Sehgal: Amanda Trought:

Remember to join us every second Tuesday as we take you on a creative adventure.

Check out some of my previous video's in this video hop:

Saturday 5 March 2022

DIY Foam Stamps - Week 3 Art Journal Page #the100dayproject


So another week has passed and here is the page for week 3, showing the stamps for the week and creating a page which I will put in my art journal when complete.  

If you haven't managed to see the stamps created and shared this week here they are as follows:

You can click on the image to take you to the Instagram post with details.

When I finished stamping, I added a foam board backing and then completed the painting.

You can see the 1 minute version by clicking on the image 

Here are a list of the supplies used to create the painting, that you can access on Amazon, substitute where necessary:

You can also check out my Amazon Foam Stamps list for alternative supplies  HERE

Wednesday 2 March 2022

Arts and Wellness Cafe - You are Limitless


Join me for this months episode of the Arts and Wellness Café - the main word for the month is Limitless and Pause.  We have to know that there are limitless possibilities available to you each and every day and you also need to know when your body needs to take a Pause.

I also share details of an art journal - my 'phone case' journal, which was great to make and is really handy if you have a lot of paper elements to use up.

You get to see a flip through of the pages, and I have one more to complete.

In the book review we look at Drawing Lab, a great book to work on your drawing practice.  We ask the Question of the week and look at the Tip of the Week and so much more.

You can check out previous episodes below

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Tuesday 1 March 2022

Filling The Creative Well - A Mixed Media Art Exploration - Are You Going to Join Us?


The course started today Tuesday 1st March, where I will be on  hand to answer any questions you may have and be on your creative cheerleading team for the next 30 days!  

Here are some of the activities that we do

Often when we are trying to put new systems in place there can be so many distracting elements that by the time we have turned around the whole day is gone.

It is essential that we discover who we are creatively, what we like, what makes us tick so that we can make the most of the opportunities that come along - if you want to establish your practice, or find ways in which the art activities can help you work through different areas of your life.

Taking time to slow down - 'Mandala and Affirmations Coloring Book

With out Mandala and Affirmations Coloring book you receive 90 pages of designs that you can color and find different ways of incorporating them into your Art Journal and creative projects.

Fabric Bowls to house encouraging words

Fabric Bowls - We create a series of Fabric bowls, and use these with out set of encouraging words, phrases of success and daily words of self care.  You will be showering yourself with love and nurturing actions.  There are so many other creative activities that you will be doing over the course.

Whenever you decide to join is fine as it becomes a self directed course that you can do at your own pace.  You will be able to connect with other creatives on the private Face Book page. 

Stay Blessed and be a Blessing

Abstract By Design - Course by Ivy Newport


I’m excited to share Ivy Newport’s new class - Abstract by Design.  

Have you always wanted to create big, beautiful, bold abstract art for your home? 

Why not think about creating wonderful pieces of art for your friends and family to adorn their walls, which is where Ivy started out.  I have always wanted to create larger paintings and the process can be full of wonderful surprises, even happy accidents leaving you with a sense of freedom.   

As you work on a larger canvas you can fully explore your senses, release your emotions and observe the effects of color and texture as they mingle and merge on the surface.

I hope you'll join us!  Check out the course HERE


Some of the things that  you'll be learning in this class:

       Identifying a successful color palette

       Analyzing Abstract Art

       Learning to trust yourself and take risks

       Creating with both wet and dry mediums

       Adding pattern effectively and with style using stencils

       Tips on decorating with Art in your home

       Exploring color and how to balance elements in a piece

       Adding gold leaf to your work

       Compositional tips

       Getting over the "blank canvas" fear

       Layering color and using mixed media

       Veiling, reveal and subtractive painting techniques

       And so much more...

Do you want to check out this class and others for free?

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What is Studioworks?

Studioworks is a monthly membership where you'll have access to over 100+ creative classes along with all of our future classes we launch on a monthly basis. You'll also have access to monthly Studioworks Journals, live Q & A's, private Facebook Group and much more.

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