Saturday, 23 March 2019

Art Journal Texture

Mixed Media Art Journal Page - Amanda Trought

There is a quote which says 'Creativity takes Courage' Henri Matisse, and I definitely think that you have to show up for yourself each and every day.  You will get those times where you don't feel like creating, and in these times especially you have to show up - not for anyone else, but for yourself.

To show up for yourself you have to first see 'You'

And not be afraid to put yourself out there, and then do it all again no matter who you think is or is not listening.

I wanted to play around with textures and brought out some embossing powders that had been sitting on my shelf for the longest time as I previously used them when making cards and didn't see other possible uses for them.

This is why it is essential to play around with your supplies and see how many other ways you can use them or what you can combine them with.

I also used a stencil made from recycled materials and applied Gesso to the page.  It is amazing the things that we have around our homes that can double for a creative tool!  Texture is important to me and helps tell the story that is waiting to be told.

It is only when you start looking at the detail on the page do you see all of the delicious textures that are evident.  I hope that you find the courage to step out in your art journal and experiment, you may like what comes up.

Friday, 22 March 2019

Open Studio Tours - CaFA Art Fair 2019

It was great to be part of this years Caribbean Fine Art Fair (CaFA) as one of the artists and also sharing my studio in Barbados on the open tour. 

 I shared about the use of techniques using recycled materials, mixed media and more. 

It was lovely to have people in my creative space and it made it come alive even more

Fellow Sculptor and Mixed Media artist Afreekan Southwell 

Studio Tour Visitors blessed my creative space
Next years tour aims to be bigger and better with it being the 10th year of CaFA

It was also great to be part of the main exhibition which brought into the Island over 40 Artists sharing their amazing work.

Sharing a moment with Curator/Artist Oneka Small and Artist Russell Watson

Artist Earl Darius Etienne demonstrates his fabric pieces

Therapeutic Art with Artist S.Ross Browne

Designer modelling her own clothes
 And shared my work in the main exhibition of the Fair

Still working on a few videos of the exhibition and will share as they get done.

For further information on the Caribbean Fine Arts Fair 2020 -

Thursday, 7 March 2019

CaFA 2019 in Full Swing

Caribbean Fine Art Fair (CaFA) is in full swing and there is amazing work from around the Caribbean and wider.  Yesterday was the Gala and it was opened by Minister John King and a special award (Caribbean Luminary of the Arts Award) was given to the family of the late Winston Jordan

Friday's Tour Available to Book
Call - (246) 822 3694

If you are not able to join us I will be sharing the highlights of the exhibition, you can also see the parts of the Gala Live

I will also be speaking with The Money Mob Host Paul Muhammad and co-hosts today on Urban Jazz Radio 

It will be great if you could catch the show We will be talking all things Creative, the Arts, International Art Shows and Urban Gardening!!

Also on the show - FRANK ADOM, Managing Director Of PROSTACURE the award winning herbal tea. Talking about Prostate health and well-being.

On every THURSDAY from 6pm - 8pm on Urban Jazz Radio 
With a repeat on Saturday between 10.00am - 12.00pm
News, interviews, debates.

With your host - Paul Muhammad and co hosts Glenys Russell, Sister Barbara, Rosalyn Reid
How to listen:
Urban Jazz Radio Player:
📻 Via UJR Talk Radio on Tune In App: 🌍 
Via the UJR Talk Radio website: or
Urban Jazz Radio:

I do hope you can join me, your presence is always a blessing!!

Thursday, 28 February 2019

Barbados Visual Arts Magazine March 2019 Issue

For those of you who love the arts, each month I will be sharing with you a monthly online Arts magazine edited and published by Artist and Photographer Corrie Scott called Barbados Visual Arts.  When I used to come down to Barbados, this was my go-to publication because it has practically everything that is happening creatively around the Island.  Also remember to check out the Barbados Arts Events Facebook Group for more events.

In this Issue you will find the following and more:

Gallery openings, arts workshops, reviews, featured artists and more. The cover painting is by Artist Joanna Whittaker.


Artist Heidi Berger ‘My Sister and I’. Hosted by Frame & Art Gallery.
Weaver artist Sylvester Clarke ‘Expressions’ Curated by Artist Alliance Barbados. Hosted by Norman Centre
Artist Walter Bailey Curated by Artist Alliance Barbados. Hosted by Norman Centre.
Group Show at The Barbados Arts Council Gallery.

Featured artists in the Open Studio Tours collaboration with CaFA and Artist Alliance Barbados on Thursday March 7th and Fri March 8th

Artist Joanna Whittaker
Artist Ann Rudder
BPS March theme of ‘Fine Art & Abstracts’

‘Creativity Is The Foundation Of A Strong Community’ by Sarah Thomson

Plus many individual pages of art and photography. With added arts events, open studios and workshops.

Also check out some of the previous issues of the Magazine, there are some great articles and information about the artists on the island.

A big Thank you goes out to Corrie Scott who pulls all this together for FREE each and every month.  
Do SHARE the information and support the arts and artists in Barbados, and make sure that you put the events in your diary, you won't want to miss them!!

For now, stay blessed and be a blessing, if you want to know more information about anything in particular you can leave a message in the comments or on the Facebook.

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