Wednesday, 14 April 2021

Creativity and Healing - with Larissa Russel and Amanda Trought

I recently joined Larissa Russell of Creative U and we spoke about the healing power of creativity you can listen HERE or catch the video below

Watch the Video of the session


Sunday, 11 April 2021

Arts and Wellness Café - Discernment and Creative Projects


Welcome to Arts and Wellness Café.  As the week comes to a close we look at the word Discernment and how it using it impacts not only on your life but your creative pursuits as well. 

Here are some of the projects that I shared in the video up close.  The first one is a stitched project, one of my first and I really enjoyed creating.

The other project that I am working on is trying to extract the pigments from flowers and using it to dye fabric. Here I have been using a mortar and pestle 

This is the extracted pigment and the pulp from the flower

Here is the flower - the Clitoria Ternatea and the way it dyes the fabric.  You can also use it as a herbal tea - tastes delicious!

For a herbal tea you place the flowers in the cup and pour hot water onto it.  The blue color is then released.  If you add a couple of drops of lemon juice it turns the water purple instead of blue.

I will be sharing more from the results that I have gotten from other fabrics that have been dyed.  If you want to see behind the scenes of some of the work I am doing you can join me on Patreon

For supplies, if you are interested in creating using the same supplies you can check them out below:

Embroidery Thread
Hand Embroidery Stitches at a glance -
Fabric squares
Pestle and Mortar
Coffee filter
Clitoria Ternatea Seeds
Clitoria Ternatea Flowers

Tuesday, 6 April 2021

Creating in Faith - Discernment - Podcast Episode

 The new podcast episode for Creating in Faith and the word for the week is Discernment

How do you see your creativity, do you have time to reflect and look at your direction and think about where you want to go, what tools you want to use and how you want to use them?

Very often we can find reasons for not moving in the direction we want, and one of the biggest reasons is that we just didn't think it was possible or had not given it much thought.

You can also join me for Arts and Wellness Café where we will look at the word even more and ways it can benefit our creative journey.  Take a look at last weeks word which was about being mindful in your creative journey.

As always, stay blessed and be a blessing

Monday, 5 April 2021

Art Journal Flip Through - Recycled Tin


I recently decorated an art supply tin and you will be able to see it in the video attached, alternatively click HERE to be take to it on YouTube.

It is fairly straight forward to create if you want to create one for yourself.  This tin held 6 Water soluble crayons and measures approximately 5 x 6.   You get to see a flip through of the art journal at the end of the video.

After covering the tin with masking tape I created some texture by adding gesso through a stencil onto the surface.   I did this to both the front and back and once dried painted with acrylic paint.


To the inside of the I added masking tape and painted then cut collaged water color paper or you can use card to fit on the inside of the tin.  This is applied using a glue gun. 

 I added words using a white marker on the front and made additional markings with the glue gun.

You are then ready to go and use your journal.  You can check out some of the supplies below

Gesso -
Masking Tap -
White Pen -
Brads -
Watercolor Paper -
Glue Gun -
Glue Sticks -
Craft Paint -



Arts and Wellness Café - Joyous

Come and join me for the Arts and Wellness Episode with the theme Joyous.  Where does your joy come from and how does it flow into your creativity?

You can also hear the Creating in Faith perspective on the podcast 

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