Thursday, 16 February 2017

10 Prompts, 10 Days, 10 Minutes - Images - How did you get on?

Thank you for joining me on this journey

Amanda Trought

What you now have is 10 great ideas for you to kick start your creativity, and not see the blank page as something to fear.  You have loads of ideas within that just need a little bit of nudging to come out.  

As you practice you will learn about what you like and do not like about different activities, (like food try it before you say you don’t like it).  You can take different ideas and interchange them as you go along or you can join them together to see what you get.

Here are my results for taking the 10 mins each day. If you played along I hope you enjoyed it, what was your favorite one?

If you would like to receive a pdf copy of the prompts then sign up for my mailing list and I will send you a copy.  It has full instructions and images for you to go at your own pace, and has some additional suggestions for you to try!

Here is what I came up with over the 10 days (click on the title prompt for the instructions for that activity:

Amanda Trought - Mixed Media Artist

Amanda Trought - Mixed Media Artist

I did a few of these, I really enjoy the process, and you can come up with such a variety of images - great for working on later, you can follow up things that you liked or that worked well.

Amanda Trought - Mixed Media Artist

Here is one of the things that I photographed, some flowers that I grew - Mexican Sunflower, brilliant color, they grow over 9 feet!

Amanda Trought - Mixed Media Artist

I chose images and colors that speak to me, and I guess also reflects the journey that I am on.

Amanda Trought - Mixed Media Artist

This is a really fun activity, you can use up any scraps that you might have had lying around and create some lovely pieces

Amanda Trought - Mixed Media Artist

After fusing the wool using the Heat n Bond I used the sewing machine to add some more doodling.  I would like to add to this piece and may used it in another challenge.

Amanda Trought - Mixed Media Artist

The stitches do not have to be anything fancy, just keep it simple.

Amanda Trought - Mixed Media Artist

Great way to find out what kind of marks you can get from the supplies you have.  Who would have thought you could do all this with these simple sticks and old pens!

Amanda Trought - Mixed Media Artist

Prompt 6 Go Further - Take the Collage a bit further 

After creating a collage, adding some doodling and mark making to it.  Utilizing some of the skills you used in previous prompts.

Amanda Trought - Mixed Media Artist

You can even take it further with your doodling.

Amanda Trought - Mixed Media Artist

Check out his glasses!!

Prompt 7 Surround yourself with inspiration - String somebeads or broken jewelry together and attach to fabric

Making the doodles with the fabric and wool for prompt 4 has given us a great jump off point.  I added a backing to the fabric, stitched it creating some more interesting marks and added beads and attached to a stick - remember to keep it simple, and build on it as you have more time.

I love creating backgrounds, and this is a great excuse to use all those different textures into the piece.  I used tissue paper, inktense blocks and gesso. 

Amanda Trought - Mixed Media Artist

I made marks with the sticks and added additional paint, this was a great surface to do the last prompt on.

Amanda Trought - Mixed Media Artist

You can either draw what is in front of you or pull together a few items.  I chose to draw the things directly in front of me, the cream pot and pens.

Amanda Trought - Mixed Media Artist

I did two 1 minute pieces, one 3 and one 5 minute sketches.

The time goes really fast, and this is a great warm up exercise.  As you continue you begin to notice and capture different things as you spend longer and observe more.

Amanda Trought - Mixed Media Artist

You could start a new piece or use one of the pieces that you created before.  I decided to use the background that I had created in prompt 8.  As you know I love creating faces, I kept the colors simple trying to retain as much of the background as possible.  I also used stitching and beads to highlight various areas

Remember, the ideas are not set in stone, and you can alter add or substitute other supplies and materials, you can link the ideas together, the main thing to remember is to have fun as you create. As you learn a new technique you grow, don’t limit yourself or put yourself down, don’t compare but enjoy the adventure and grow, and be an inspiration to others.

I hope you enjoyed these ideas.  If you want to have your own copy of the booklet I created then sign up for my Mailing list and I will get it sent out to you.

Stay blessed and be a blessing.

Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Mixed Media Art Painting Giveaway - We all need someone to lean on

Art Giveaway - We all need a friend to lean on

 Ok I am part of the #1min1take Video Challenge and I have decided to do an Art giveaway.  My target for the challenge is to complete at least 60 videos of 1 minute to encourage you, inspire you and hopefully bless you in the process with different conversations.  

#1min1take video challenge

Some of the videos call you to answer some tough questions, others to think about your creativity and life.  In a few of the videos I will be sharing what I am doing either in the studio or on my travels in Barbados.

I created this piece of art recently and it was so much fun.  I thought I would share the process with you below.

It began its life as a piece of cardboard I had recycled and added collage and layers of paint.  It has some great texture on it with modelling paste and stencils.

Once I had decided on the base image I start filling in with gesso

And then adding some of the colors to give me a general ideas of the overall color of the painting.

I start to add some background and continue to work on the images,  You can see some of the modelling paste highlighted by gold on the painting.

A bird friend comes along and makes home with our two ladies.  Up until this point our main character is day dreaming lost in her own world.

And then she opens her eyes to the birdsong with a knowing look in her eye.

Mixed Media Art on Card 6 x 8 inches  - We all need a shoulder to lean on - 

Do you want to win this painting? then hop over to my YouTube Channel and leave a comment on the video above. 

Check out some of the other videos in the #1min1take challenge as I will be doing additional Art giveaways, and showing you art techniques and tutorials, why not subscribe while your there and click notifications so that you will know when a new video comes out.

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Are you UP for a Challenge a Course or BOTH!

Alright the One BADASS Art Journal course started last week, how did you get on.  if you haven't yet signed up there is still time to jump in to have some fun.  We are only on week two and there is plenty of time for you to get on with the amazing lessons by the great lineup of teachers, and we have had a couple of great lessons so far.


This was a great way to kick start your creativity and to show you that it only takes 10 minutes, you deserve that.

We got to the end of the 10 days, time always seems to pass so quickly. I will be posting about the images separately, but how did you get on?  I will also be putting together a PDF booklet so that you can have, and if you are subscribed to my mailing list you will be able to get access to a range of other creative goodies as well.

I am currently taking part in the video challenge which runs for 5 days, so you will be blessed with a range of videos that I will be sharing about the creative process, asking those questions that helps you get unstuck, you can play along in your art journal and write out the answers and create some images that mean something to you.  I will be announcing some giveaways, showing you some quick and easy art techniques that you can try.

Introduction to the #1min1take video challenge

Act of Kindness and Art Giveaway!

I will share with you how this painting came about.  Watch and comment on the videos on my YouTube Channel to see what other giveaways I will be announcing.

Be great if you join in, let me know what you are inspired to do, take the time out for you and make this year your best creative year yet!

Remember to stay blessed and be a blessing!

Thursday, 9 February 2017

10 Prompts, 10 Days, 10 Minutes - Day 10 - Bring it Together

Welcome to day 10 of the 10 Ideas to kick start your creativity.  Today's task and additional instructions is below

Prompt 10 - Bring it together

Bring it together - From the background page that you made on day 8 you are going to incorporate some of the techniques that you have been using. 

You are going to create an image that represents where you are now in your creative journey and add at least 3 or more of the techniques that you have been learning over the past 9 days and incorporate this as well, to create one image. You can embellish with beads, jewelry, create a wall hanging with your finished piece, it is up to you so play.

Additional Information

The great thing about these ideas is that anyone can do them, you don’t need to be creative, so if you are looking for ways to unwind or give yourself that much needed time then these are things ideas that you should try.

For each activity you can try it using different mediums or surfaces, colours - do not limit yourself.  I want to give you ways in which you can experiment if you want to.  You can adapt it anyway you like to suit, and there are no right or wrong ways to create, so do not put any boundaries on yourself.

The most important thing is to have fun.  The minimum amount of time you should spend on each activity is 10 minutes, it is great if you can spend longer.  You can do a different activity each day, add the activities together, or work on a piece for longer.  

I will be following along and posting to my Instagram account remember to share and put in the hastags #101010 and #realityarts

Each activity will give you ways in which you can very easily strengthen your creative muscles and also provide you with some of the tools and techniques that I will be sharing in my lesson on the BADASS Art Journal You can still sign up Check out some of the cool bonuses that you can get when you sign up using my link HERE

What you waiting for - enjoy, and let me know how you get on.

Thank you for joining me and check back tomorrow to see all of the art that I created with these prompts.
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