Wednesday, 18 October 2017

31 Art Journals No: 14

Welcome to today's Art Journal which I call my Healing Journal and is part of the 31 Art Journals Series.

This as with all my Art Journals are always fun to create, and each one has its own purpose as a journal.  For this one I wanted a fabric and paper journal.  The signatures inside are paper, and contain a mixed size which then impacts on the message on each page

The front page has modeling past over a stencil and it gives a great texture once it was all painted.  I put a tassel border on the edge of the journal and I really like the way the journal feels in my hands.

This Art Journal is about sharing truths and being clear about what is important.  When you write these things down it helps to reinforce the message.

Some pages are waiting for their final message, or layer and that is the great thing that you can still dip into the art journal and say what is on your mind.

Check out the video below to get a closer look at the Healing Art Journal

Stay blessed and be a blessing!

Tuesday, 17 October 2017

31 Art Journals No: 13 - Cereal Bag Journal

Welcome to Art Journal No 13, which is part of the 31 Art Journal Series.  This Art Journal started off as an experiment, but I really enjoyed putting it together and the final result that was achieved.  If you don't experiment then you don't know how things can work together and in some of those accidents amazing results were achieved.

You can see the inspiration for the journal HERE.  I started out with a collection of images, background papers, embellishments that were going to be added in between the cereal bag and heated to seal them in.

When you know what you want to put in between the layers which is a different way of working as you are creating the journal pretty much in one sitting before sealing, so the though processes are slightly different.

I had a lot of vintage images and small postcard samples and I wanted to give the feel of  a vintage journal.  I added embellishments, stitching on some pages and created some tags.

I really enjoyed how this one turned out, and I would in the next one include more stitching as after time and use some of the embellishments come loose.

The Video

Check out the video to see the Journal close up

Monday, 16 October 2017

31 Art Journals - No: 12 - Background Paper Journals

Welcome to today's Art Journal which is part of the 31 Art Journals Series.

This Art Journal is made from papers that had been created as backgrounds, which meant they were filled with colour and texture prior to being used as signatures for the journal.

The decoration of the wool was added once the Journal front page had been painted.

I wanted this journal to be an encouraging reminder, and I got a selection of quotes and added them on each page.  Journaling was added in select places, and there were also pages that were left blank for additional journaling at a later date.

I really enjoy painting faces and you will find in practically all of my journals characters that not only speak to the emotion whilst creating the page so that you don't have to add words, the face and eyes say it all.

Your journal can have as little or as much as you want to have within it depending on your mood or intention.

The Video

Check out the video to get a better look at the Art Journal

Sunday, 15 October 2017

31 Art Journals Page - Background Bonus no 2

Blessings for you and yours this Sunday.  Welcome to the 31 Art Journal Series backgrounds bonus.

If you didn't catch the background bonus from last week you can see it HERE

Here is a reminder of yesterdays tips, see which ones you already incorporate into your journal practice and which ones you can start if you need to.

Check out the backgrounds video to see how you can create those background papers with some of the things you may have around your home!

The Video

Here are some practical ways in which you can create your own background pages.  Enjoy!

Stop by tomorrow on the blog and the YouTube channel to see what Art Journal I will be showing next.

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