Wednesday 28 July 2021

Creating in Faith - Kindred - What do you feel connected to?


This weeks word is Kindred on the Realityarts Podcast Episode 29 of Creating in Faith.  Check out the podcast episode HERE

What do you feel connected to in regards to your creativity? Is it a supply, technique, way of doing things? Are you part of a group of artists, do you have someone to share your joy with?

We often think about our connections and the impact they make to our lives as well as the impact that we make on others. When you think of your creativity how is that manifesting itself within your work. We can sometimes be really connected to a particular art supply because it enables us to express ourselves and the things that are on our hearts.

I found I during the first stages of the 'global event' I was guided to sewing. I found the simple stitches to be surprisingly therapeutic and still do. I was able to quiet down all the chatter and just focus on being present.

It is a good idea to think about your creative activity that will be that for you when you need it. You also need to allow yourself the space to explore what it could be.

What information do you need to access to do what you need to do?  

It is important to listen while we create so that we can really hear through our senses what wants to be manifested. Do not judge the particular activity that you are being inspired to do, just go with the flow and enjoy that moments creative activity and maybe even schedule the regular time for yourself?  Join me on the podcast today.
As we take a look at moving forward in our art and creativity how does the word 'Kindred' impact on you and your world and how you move through it.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts....

Check out the Arts and Wellness Café videos each week which further explores the words
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Monday 26 July 2021

Spill your heART - Episode 6 - Artistic Inspiration


I am excited to be on the panel for Episode 6 of Spill Your heART hosted by Nathalie Kalbach on
Friday 30th July 12 Noon EDT

Panelists include Birgit Koopsen, DeeDee Catron and myself and we will be discussing Artistic Inspiration and what to do when it goes.

As professional artists we will share practical tips for finding and energizing your artistic mojo. We will also discuss how to encourage it when it gets sluggish, takes a temporary hiatus or when it goes completely missing

This webinar will focus on tips and tricks for locating, encouraging, and maybe even fabricating artistic inspiration so that you can get on with things and make the magic happen. Looking forward to seeing you there!.

 What do you do when Inspiration leaves the building?


Friday 23 July 2021

Arts and Wellness Café - Reflections of the Day


It is good to reflect on the things that you are doing every now and then to see not only how far you have come, the things that you have achieved, but also to see what things might need altering slightly, a lot or changed altogether.

In this weeks Arts and Wellness Café I reflect on my journey for this series and some of the things that I would like to do moving forward, there is always room for growth and improvements.  I really enjoy sharing in the Arts and Wellness Cafe and this week shared a new piece of work as well.

Check out the video for more information and insights HERE

My latest piece that I have been working on are some smaller mixed media art frames

I like creating these pieces that have a lot of texture, it is amazing what you can you to create texture for your art pieces.

I also have some pieces that are still works in progress and I will be adding some embellishments to these pieces when I get the time.

I will be sharing over time what how they turn out and I feel like making a few.  They started their lives as cardboard boxes, so I am going to be experimenting with a range of boxes to see which ones I like using the best and of course recycle at the same time.

Lastly I share a book review, you can see the full video on Amazon - click on the image.

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Saturday 10 July 2021

Artsy Second Sunday - Come and Join Us Sunday 11th July 2021


It is all about the relaxation, I am taking part in the Artsy Second Sunday.  We all work with a theme and create a piece of art.  This is the painting that I have created.  When you join us you can chat to us live and see how it got from a blank piece of paper to the work of art it is now.

There will be 13 of us taking part on Sunday starting at 9.15 PST, 12.15 EST or 5.15 UST a group of painters bringing you creative joy and awesome painting, every Second Sunday of each month.

Get out your supplies and paint along with us and have fun!
Below are all the links to the artists find ALL Styles and mediums in a fun-filled binge! Leave us a comment, a thumbs up and of course you can subscribe to each channel if you have not done so. Click the next link in the video hop!
My session starts at 12.45EST
Martha from ilove2paint 
Eleni S-artstuff 
Archu's Art World 
Nina Fickett Designs 
Mural dreams by Laura 
Mixed Creativity by Marie 
Britta Mindartdk 
Peg Adkins Robinson 
Shel Paper Ocotillo Studio

If you are not able to make the live then you can still watch the videos and leave a comment to the artists.

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Friday 9 July 2021

52 Weeks of Art Journals - Recycled Clutch Art Journal


Come and join me for the latest art journal in the series 52 Weeks of Art Journals. The Art Journal on show today is what I am calling a Clutch Bag Art Journal

Check out the YouTube Video and you will be able to get a good look at how it is made.

This is the third art journal that I have made using Tetra Pak -
(a recycled milk carton it has 3 layers (foil, cardboard and plastic). You can check out the other two below

Chunky Journal -

Jigsaw Journal -

I loved creating this art journal, as it started out as an experiment and then it all just fell into place and the clutch bag was formed. Using the tetra pak milk carton as the base and it is a great way to recycle, especially for us here in Barbados as there are no processing operations that exist for this sort of packaging so it all goes to landfill.

After being cleaned I covered it with painted fabric, I have added quite a few elements such as the lace/ribbon detail, inspiring words, beads, the bead droplets and additional texture around the art journal.

The texture was created by applying gesso through sequin waste and allowing it to dry before applying metallic paint.

Beading also added a nice touch and I also used it to cover some of the spine of this journal. The pages of the journal uses recycled collaged and painted card and measures approximately 3 x 5 inches, so great for making quick pages or when you only have a limited time to create.

I am sure there are many other things that can done to make use of the packaging, I have seen it used in building materials, making bricks, and put though recycling plants. You need special machinery to separate the layers for recycling, so why not come up with a creative project that you can enjoy.

Some of the supplies used - some of which you may have already:

Fabric - recycled school uniform - or fabric you may have
Gesso -
Jacquard metallic paint -
Sequin waste -
Beads -
Thread for stitching -
White pen -

I look forward in seeing what you come up with

Wednesday 7 July 2021

Arts and Wellness Café - Word for the Week - Confident, Art Journal Process Page and New Art!

In the Arts and Wellness Café the word for the week is confident and I share with you some new art work, it is a sculptural piece made with lots of yummy texture.

I loved working on it as it also uses a lot of different supplies and you get to use some of the things that you have in a different way.

I also share with you an art journal page process - This is especially great if you want to keep it simple and just want to create an image, but you can also do it if you just want to add marks to the page.
Art Journals

I wanted to work on a background page that already had paint, and just wanted to create an image, this young lady came up and I will be working on the page more and add additional details. You have to be able to step away from work and then revisit it - you come with fresh eyes to then add to the work.

Amanda Trought - Art Journal Page

I look at the need to be confident in your approach to the materials that you use and in turn you will be confident about the work that you are producing. I hope you can join me and let me know what tips you use to stay confident.
Let me know what tips you have for remaining confident and some of the strategies that you might use to get you back on track if you come off.
Hope you are having a blessed week so far.

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Tuesday 6 July 2021

52 Weeks of Art Journals - Jigsaw Art Journal


What can you do with a milk carton - make an art journal from it of course.  Check out the video I share how I made it.  Here are some close ups of some of the detail.

Stitching and buttons are on the front alongside some doodling.   I experimented with some of the stitching and added French knots, back stitch and had fun with some faux stitches by adding the white lines with the acrylic pens.

I embossed the large jigsaw puzzle piece and pressed a stamp, then added a rub on to it.

It was great fun to make and a way to recycle the milk cartons.

I included 3 different areas to write so I could vary the activity in the art journal.  Let me know how you create your art journals and if you use any recycled materials.

Monday 5 July 2021

Altered Book Collage - Book Review


Join me as we look through Altered Book Collage, with lots of great hints and tips when altering a book.  You can also use some of the examples in your art journal and creative work.  See the video below

If you would like to check out more information you can check out the book on Amazon HERE or place this link into your browser -

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