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I share free techniques, art journals and more on my YouTube channel I would love you to join me.  Here are some creative sessions, workshops and prompts that are offered for free, so you have no excuse for dipping your feet in and exploring your creativity.

I took my first ecourse after much debate, was I doing the right thing, and I wasn't sure that I had the discipline to finish without strict deadlines or anyone breathing down my neck, assignments or dissertations to produce and it would be totally up to me to motivate and discipline myself.  I really wanted to journey more into my creativity, there was so many new techniques wanted to learn and I wanted to use each year focusing on my personal development and to see what I could achieve following my passion as an artist.

All the courses I have taken so far were just what I needed for that season, and there are many more on the horizon that are appealing.  I have seen myself grow.  I can no longer use the excuse 'I can't create because I don't have a studio' but take my work where ever I go. There is always an opportunity to be creative, a new technique to learn and an opportunity to develop and grow.  I hope you are inspired by some of the courses you see here. 

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