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I took my first ecourse after much debate, was I doing the right thing, and I wasn't sure that I had the discipline to finish without strict deadlines or anyone breathing down my neck, assignments or dissertations to produce and it would be totally up to me to motivate and discipline myself.  I really wanted to journey more into my creativity, there was so many new techniques wanted to learn and I wanted to use each year focusing on my personal development and to see what I could achieve following my passion as an artist.

After much prayer and researching I decided to put together my own curriculum.  I couldn't find a course that combined all the mixed media areas I wanted to learn - so I would put something together.  I had brought many books about different art techniques and art business expertise over the years that I hadn't given myself time to read by many different artists I admired.  I listed all the areas of learning I wanted to do, how long I would give to each area, i.e: book binding techniques - 12 weeks etc, possible assessments i.e essays that would allow me to develop my writing, interact with other artists and hone my style.  I would also incorporate the wonderful videos that you can find on the web and also take in a few ecourses.

My first ecourse was Kelly Rae Roberts flying lessons, and this opened the way to many others ecourses which I will be writing about over time and sharing experience gained.  With every courses I have met women from around the world who are inspiring, who shared encouraging words and who are also stepping out or basking in their creative dreams.

All the courses I have taken so far were just what I needed for that season, and there are many more on the horizon that are appealing.  I have seen myself grow.  I can no longer use the excuse 'I can't create because I don't have a studio' but take my work where ever I go. There is always an opportunity to be creative, a new technique to learn and an opportunity to develop and grow.  I hope you are inspired by some of the courses you see here.  Courses I have taken up to this point and their links are listed below.  For the books I have been using you can see them in the Book Store section of the blog, and I will be leaving a review of each book completed, and a link to the necessary section in the book store which leads to Amazon, who have some amazing deals on some of the titles.
I will be writing about my experience on each course show you some of the work completed and share any new learning.  I will also be doing a book review for each of the books that I complete.  I will keep adding to the list above which will serve as a reminder to myself that continuous learning is the key.  I hope they will serve to be a blessing and be informative if you are contemplating doing an ecourse or purchasing a book

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