Saturday 18 June 2016

Creating on a Budget - Fabric Vase

So sorry that I haven't been around here on my blog.  I have lots to share over the coming weeks about things that I have been getting involved with.  It is great to be able to share some of the opportunities that have come about and as they bless me I hope to be able to bless you as well.

I have been playing around with different materials in the studio, looking at ways in which you can create art especially when your on a budget.  I have a range of projects on my blog that where I have used recycled materials that can be transformed into a work of art and so thought I create a series of a few more things that you can make.  I will rearranging my blog to make some of the projects more accessible, and there will be step by step projects, so please do come back.  Also sign up for my newsletter - the first issue will be out in July, and there will be lots of hints and tips to help you on your creative journey

Fabric Coated Vase
I found some mini vases at my local dollar store.  It can be a great place to find things that you can transform and utilize in your studio, and I have loads of cool projects coming up. 

The original surface of the vase was a lightly engraved but nothing to write home about, so I decided to change them.

I created a face from a mold out of clay and attached using paper clay (another thing I will show you how to make), I then tore up strips of fabric and armed with my powertex (one of my favorite supplies at the moment), coated the fabric and then applied to the vase.

 As the fabric dried I also wrapped it with string to give it additional texture.  Once it all dried I highlighted areas with gold and bronze paint.  I have a video of the vase coming up on my YouTube channel so check there to see it up and personal lol!

I love it, and think it looks quite cool.  I have two more that I will be altering and sharing with you over the coming weeks. 

Fabric Coated Vase - Amanda Trought

Stay blessed and be a blessing!
While your at it check out Craftsy online courses, there are some free ones


Thursday 16 June 2016

Transformation Series - Un-break my heart - Mixed Media Paintings

Welcome to the Transformation Thursday series, which has taken a series of cards of different shapes that were collaged with scrap paper materials and turned into something of beauty!

 It is an easy process that you can do yourselves.  I find that when working with paper there are a lot of larger pieces that get unused, and they are too big or too nice to throw away so I keep it in a box for times like these. 

At this point I had added some of the scrap paper to the card and identified the shape of a figure, used paint to section off parts of the figure.  I really liked the paper that I had used on her body, so kept this unchanged.

These cards came in handy as several different activities and they were the starting blocks for a creative paint activity practice. I didn't have to start from scratch and I could just focus on playing with colors and deciding what I wanted to keep from the papers that had been added.

I will be sharing with you how you too can play and create some fun art cards from whatever you have in your supply in a Free Online Course that I will be creating for July!

I created a video of the process so you can see how it changed over time and you can catch it on my Youtube channel, under the Transformation Series playlist


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For now stay blessed and be a blessing!

Friday 3 June 2016

Embrace Your Art - 2016 Your Favorite Book and Non Dominant Hand

It is great to be one of the guest artists for the Embrace Your Art 2016 - Journal About Me .  My challenge was to think about my favorite book and use my non dominant hand to create my page.

One of my favorite books is called Sassafrass, Cypress and Indigo by Ntozake Shange, about 3 sisters, all 3 creative in their own way.  

The book is a lovely read, and captures so well the creative gifts of the sisters, which is what I felt I wanted to capture on my page, and Ntozake Shange is a very talented writer.

The other challenge I had was to use my non dominant hand which for me is my left.  I love challenging myself especially using my left hand to create, and need to do it more as it enables you to see your work in a different way.

I used Inktense blocks and Art bars for the background, just getting some color down and then blended it with gesso, which muted some of the colors.

I then sketched a loose image, not being left handed the emphasis was on loose and focused on the impression of a figure standing rather than having to be an accurate representation of a figure

I then started to add some color using the inktense blocks and refine the image a bit more.

As I painted the background just came on its own, she was standing with her back to the ocean, and it was as if she was in that place where she refueled and got her creative perspective.

When drawing with your non dominant hand, don't try and be exact, continue to play, and focus on just having fun with the piece.

I imagined myself by the waters, just feeling the breeze blow about me and shutting my eyes to sensations and the sounds

I then added the finishing touches that nurture me in that creative space, the sun, the birds

Check out the full process in the video below and see the full art journal page done in the round.  Thanks for watching and remember to have fun!

Embrace Your Art 2016 runs every Friday for a whole year. Check out some of the challenges, and see some of the other guest artists and it is totally free to join!

JAM Banner with Details

Thursday 2 June 2016

Mixed Media Art Painting - Transformation - Dala

Transformation Series  

Welcome to the series, it is great to have you back again this week to see what else I have in store for you.  This week we meet another character, with her own story and we meet her in what looks like a snapshot of her life..

'Dala sat in her garden surrounded by red flowers and blue skies, and at that moment she felt at peace gazing at the flowers she breathed deeply trying to soak in everything that her senses could pick up.  The delicate aromas, the breeze that made the hairs on her skin dance, and the warmth of the sun that made her feel part of something so much bigger'

A week doesn't go by where I create a painting on what looks like a scrap of paint spattered paper, card or fabric.  I guess it is part of the challenge for myself to be flexible and work with what I have.

It is important to spend how ever long you have creating, whether you pick up a paint brush, or just sort through some supplies, it is a good idea to make a regular practice that feeds the creative soul.

Finding that quiet space that you can get lost in the creative process, and not worry about what something will look like, or as you are creating what unfolding before you.

I play with textures, colors, and when it feels right I stop, or I take the painting in a different direction.  If you check out some of the videos on my youtube, you will see that some start out one way and then totally change.  Feeling comfortable and not getting too precious over the painting helps the flow.  There have been times that I looked back at a video and thought I loved the painting before I totally changed it, but that is all part of the growing process.

She sat in her garden surrounded by red flowers and blue skies

I hope you enjoyed watching the video, check out my others when you get a chance.  Stay blessed and be a blessing!

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