Friday 3 June 2016

Embrace Your Art - 2016 Your Favorite Book and Non Dominant Hand

It is great to be one of the guest artists for the Embrace Your Art 2016 - Journal About Me .  My challenge was to think about my favorite book and use my non dominant hand to create my page.

One of my favorite books is called Sassafrass, Cypress and Indigo by Ntozake Shange, about 3 sisters, all 3 creative in their own way.  

The book is a lovely read, and captures so well the creative gifts of the sisters, which is what I felt I wanted to capture on my page, and Ntozake Shange is a very talented writer.

The other challenge I had was to use my non dominant hand which for me is my left.  I love challenging myself especially using my left hand to create, and need to do it more as it enables you to see your work in a different way.

I used Inktense blocks and Art bars for the background, just getting some color down and then blended it with gesso, which muted some of the colors.

I then sketched a loose image, not being left handed the emphasis was on loose and focused on the impression of a figure standing rather than having to be an accurate representation of a figure

I then started to add some color using the inktense blocks and refine the image a bit more.

As I painted the background just came on its own, she was standing with her back to the ocean, and it was as if she was in that place where she refueled and got her creative perspective.

When drawing with your non dominant hand, don't try and be exact, continue to play, and focus on just having fun with the piece.

I imagined myself by the waters, just feeling the breeze blow about me and shutting my eyes to sensations and the sounds

I then added the finishing touches that nurture me in that creative space, the sun, the birds

Check out the full process in the video below and see the full art journal page done in the round.  Thanks for watching and remember to have fun!

Embrace Your Art 2016 runs every Friday for a whole year. Check out some of the challenges, and see some of the other guest artists and it is totally free to join!

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