Saturday 20 November 2010


Going for a walk the other day, partly for my fitness but essentially to catch the last glimpse of autumn as the leaves fall and the seasons go into another change.

Change is good....
I remind myself it was only a few months ago that I was enjoying the warm breeze of the caribbean sea, and feeling the sunshine against my skin, and now we have to wrap up in our warm clothes, gloves scarfs, waking up to dark frosty mornings and cold wet evenings....  We too go through change and need to take stock of what needs to be altered, moved, rescheduled or stopped in our lives.

   As I walk I am amazed at the colours that still remain, the beauty
in the shedding of the leaves from the trees

  that once stood amass with colour, now only the branches remain. 

 The colours of the remaining leaves waiting to be taken along in the next gust of
wind with the ones that have fallen. 
 We are filled with so many talents, abilities and gifts not all of them are meant to
be used at the same time, some are to remain constant, 
but some are just for a season.

There are trees that haven't shed their leaves, but hang on another year graceful
and tall....there are differences in their purpose.

 Having a plan, direction, purpose enables us to make informed decisions,
be spontaneous, letting our light and beauty shine..... 
even in those seemingly grey, cold days!

Taking time to reflect, refresh and renew our thoughts....

We look forward to another year of growth, laughter, beauty, creativity, love, joy

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