Monday 29 July 2019

Longing - Creating in Faith

Image of a mic in the distance a woman staring and the words Longing on the front.

Welcome to Creating in Faith.  I am now sharing these posts on my podcast with additional insights and you can listen to the podcast below.  There are also some great comments that were made on the original post which also adds some insight to the topic and may be able to bless you.

There are many things if we think about them carefully that we long for.  Some are to make us feel better within ourselves, some for the benefit of other people.  I have come to know and experienced the longing that stirs deep within and that feels like it cannot be remedied - found hand in hand with loss.
 Image of family man and woman running with man carrying what looks like a lifeless figure - Artist not known.
In my younger days I had many desires, I would have been convinced that some of which I could not live without, and thinking about them now see them as trivial and unimportant. My maturity makes sense of the world and understands how views, and desires change, and in my youth often with the wind.

My thoughts on longing are around the loss of a loved ones - a child, father, best friend and more recently brother.  You wonder how much your heart can take, never for one minute thinking that you will have to bear the callouses of yet another loss.  My longing is wrapped up in wanting to see them again, to say those words that never got said, to feel their presence one more time, to stop for a moment the ache, that dull ache which rests deep within.  There are momentary distractions and life feels like normal, you can breath again and sometimes laugh.  Then you remember, something missing, something you took for granted that it would always be there but you realise a hole remains.  Is it a round peg or a square, whatever shape it is it feels as if there is nothing that can fill it. 

Image of rusty pole in the sand and foot print
Time they say is a healer it gets better.  I can say that I still wonder what my son Cairo who would be turning 24 this year would be accomplishing and what adventures he would have got up to.  My dad would have been in his 80's there was still so much wisdom untapped and how he would have had so much fun with his grandchildren.  Barbara spurred me on in my journey as an artist we shared much laughter and supported each other, and now my Brother Robert.  I think of him constantly wondering how I can use my creativity to take away the ache, knowing that he would expect me to do all the things I shared with him from my hopes and dreams.  

Image of art work by Anthony Gormly of statute on a rooftop

The longing doesn't go away I guess my you find different ways to respond, and my creativity allows me to say those things I still want to say, and when I don't know what or how I should feel I just stay still and listen.

My faith helps me to put one foot in front of the other taking one day, one thought, one step at a time.  My creativity is helping me to say those things that I need to say whether it is a painting, piece of writing, poetry or something that I have created.  They go hand in hand bridging the gap between the words unsaid, mutterings and groans from the heart, laughter and tears on the opposite sides of the same coin and the understanding that has come over time.

Purple Thistle and flower image
There will always be a longing, we can't hide or pretend.  Some days it will be easier, and others not so easy.  We learn to embrace, to share the memories, to talk about our loved ones as if they are in the next room.  We remember them the good and bad times, the tests and the triumphs and we keep taking those steps reminded of the fragility and remembering to laugh....

Do some work in your art journal and see what areas you want to focus on and express either through colour, words, song, photographs and more.

Stay blessed and be a blessing.

Friday 26 July 2019

Inspirational Shorts Episodes

Welcome to the Blog today where I share with you my latest podcasts.  I thought I would share with you some of the recordings from the most recent Inspirational Shorts.  Of course every episode is note worthy, but I wanted to make sure that you got your inspirational shot for the weekend.  We have such fast pace lives that it seems as if we only have minutes to 'Get the job done'!

Inspirational shorts is a 2 minute inspirational creative snack, that you can have on a weekly basis.  When you have more time, stop by the podcast on Mondays for some 'Creating in Faith, touching on why we do some of the things we do, and the Arts and Wellness Wednesdays, putting creativity in our lives, looking at what we can do/are doing as artists.  Let me know which one speaks to your creative spirit.

Episode 110

We all have something to be grateful for, and often those very small things that go unnoticed can mean the world of good for others.

Episode 109

Within this episode I talk about Forgiveness, the way that we move on, and sometimes the one that we find the hardest to forgive is ourselves.

The topic for this one is something that I am constantly reminding myself about and that is investing in my health.  We ask our bodies to do so much for us and we can treat it rather shabbily.  What have you done today that invested in your health?  I went to the beach, and it was a long time coming.  One of the bathers remarked that it looked as if I was in heaven, and for that moment It felt so good being in the water, it came close to heaven as I gazed out into the blue waters.  Think about what you are doing to invest in your health on a daily basis and let me know.  You can listen to the recording below.

Episode 103

In Episode 103 of the Podcast I shared about courage, and it is a gentle reminder, each week to step out of your comfort zone and just start.  You can listen by clicking on the image

What do you need courage for - where should I begin now?

Let me know how you get on and while you are at it you might choose to listen to some of the other episodes.  Do you have a creative topic that you would like some information about, are you stuck trying to find which creative turn to make.  Connect with me and I may be able to create a video or episode that speaks to an area that you are passionate about.

Take care for now and stay blessed.

Tuesday 23 July 2019

100 Pastel Paintings - I Did It!!!

I have got to the end of the 100 Day Project, where I posted daily pastel paintings on my Instagram.

Check out the video below and see all 100.  I also share about the course I will be running, register your interest HERE to be notified.  And I also have the link to prints below if you would like to order prints, cards and more

It feels weird coming to the end, though in comparison to all the things that I had to do it was a small percentage, it actually feels like a big chunk has gone.  Anyway, the work continues.  I had a lovely time working with the pastels, and would love to try some other brands at some point.

The pastels that I worked with were:

Conte - hard pastel pencils

You can check them out on Amazon and see a range of other brands of pastels there as well.  Here are the paintings in the Series. 

I am very proud of the paintings from the very first one where I was just playing to the last painting where you can see the confidence in the pastels. 

I am working on a course for those who want to learn some beginning hints and tips for working and playing with pastels.  Register Your Interest HERE and I will let you know when the course will be ready.

 I have Prints available of the images, so you can get the images in a variety of forms to suit all price points.

Check out some of the designs this is the print, which can be different sizes
Pastel Art painting by Artist Amanda Trought
Pastel Prints

On some of my art I have created prints on clothes and other merchandise.  Check the link above.

Dress with Moringa Seed Print - by Amanda Trought
Moringa Seed Design 

This is a new journey for me so I look forward to welcoming you along with me.  Stay blessed and be a blessing.

Wednesday 3 July 2019

Playing with Pastels - 73 - 80

Image of a range of pastels on a studio table

Playing with Pastels - Numbers - 73 - 80

Images of 6 Pastels portraits painted, along with 2 seascapes

Welcome to the series of images for the next 100 Days of Pastels as part of the 100 Day Project.

I am now getting into the home stretch with these next paintings which number 73 to 80.  I hope that whatever challenges you decided to do you have been able to stay the course.

Figurative and Seascape Pastel Painting by Artist Amanda Trought

Here is the video bonus for this painting

Figurative and Seascape Pastel Painting by Artist Amanda Trought

Figurative and Seascape Pastel Painting by Artist Amanda Trought

Figurative and Seascape Pastel Painting by Artist Amanda Trought

Figurative and Seascape Pastel Painting by Artist Amanda Trought

Figurative and Seascape Pastel Painting by Artist Amanda Trought

Figurative and Seascape Pastel Painting by Artist Amanda Trought

Figurative and Seascape Pastel Painting by Artist Amanda Trought

If you see any of the paintings that you would like to own as prints please let me know.  If you are new to pastels and want to learn more I also have a mini course coming out, sign up to my mailing list HERE so that you can receive the information when it comes out! 

Stay blessed, will be sharing some more video examples for you to get started as well.

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