Wednesday 22 June 2022

Intertwined - Book Review

Book Review - Intertwined

I shared this book in my Arts and Wellness Café, and you can check out the video above, if you are into Yarn you will love it, with many projects for you to try and different ways in which to combine yarn.  You can check it out on Amazon - HERE  

I will be trying some of the projects and letting you see them in my Material Mondays episodes where I work with fabric projects.

Let me know if you have it and what you think.


Art and Spirituality Summit

My session went live today on the Art and Spirituality Summit and you will be able to see if for the next 3 days.  It is Free to join the summit and there are 28 teachers that are sharing their insights as well.

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Tuesday 21 June 2022

Material Mondays - Fabric - No Sew

Welcome to this weeks episode of Material Mondays, where we take a look at a no sew mini project that you can do, especially when you want to work with fabric but not the needles.

You can equip yourself with fabric glue and do a few projects where you are attaching fabric together or working with paint to create designs.  

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Saturday 18 June 2022

Third Saturday Art - Celebrating Fathers Day

Come and join us for Third Saturday Art which starts at 12pm Saturday.  A time where a group of artists share their creativity and create a journal page.  Check out my image for Fathers Day.

Also looking forward to the Art and Spirituality Summit which starts on Monday


Friday 17 June 2022

Capturing Beauty - Online Class



In this class, you will look to your favorite artists, fashion illustrators, vintage fashion designers, along with your own work to fuel your imaginations.

You will be creating color studies, abstract explorations, figurative work, and a portrait.  This class is all about creating from what you LOVE and allowing yourself to play! It's about capturing the beauty you see and incorporating it into your ART! 

Who is this class for?

Renee believes that by taking the time to collect your ideas, gather inspiration, and dream of the work you want to create is an essential part of the creative process. If you want to overcome creative hurdles, stay on the path to developing your voice as an artist, and learn new techniques.

By devoting yourself to your ideas and your art, you will unlock your potential and create genuinely authentic work.

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Thursday 16 June 2022

Art Journal Flip - Mini Art Journal


What do you do when you want to work with glitter?  You make a mini art journal that you can create and play in as you check out the video above.

I love creating art journals and finding ways to add all the amazing toppers and papers that I have.  In this journal I have been experimenting with glitter and using stencils, don't think I will ever run out of glitter, but it does get every where - even saw some on the dogs face!

 If you love creating with papers and glitter having a small journal that you can add to on a regular basis can be enjoyable and be part of your artist date!  You also get a sneak peek of an art journal that I went to town with the glitter on lol!

This one had to be created in layers to allow it to dry, but it was a lot of fun.

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Wednesday 15 June 2022

Mixed Media Art Collaborations

In the Mixed Media Art Journals today I will be sharing with you how you can create texture in your art journal.  You can use some of the elements that you might have already and use it as a backing for your pages.

You can get some really great effects when laying them on your art journal.  Come and join me to see how I created this double page spread

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Tuesday 14 June 2022

Arts and Wellness Café - Inspired living

In the Arts and Wellness Café, this month the word is Inspired and comfort, we will be checking out some great creative ideas and resources.

Check out the video below...

In the café this month I share a textile project, book review, art journal and more!  We also look at the things that can keep us inspired and also provide elements of comfort.

We take a look at this work in progress that will eventually be a wall-hanging.  It is made up of Shibori tie dyed fabric, painted fabric and stitches.   I am hoping to add some embellishments on the piece as well.

You get a flip through of this mini art journal.  I had created a variety of toppers that were looking for a home, I also experimented with glitter and stencils in places.

These smaller art journals are great for all those smaller toppers that you may have that want to be put to good use and you.  You will also hear the 'Tip and Question of the week'  Looking forward to having you join me.

You can also check out resource links below:

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Monday 13 June 2022

Material Mondays - Play with Textiles is Back!

Join me for Material Mondays, a weekly look at stitched project, painted and dyed fabric and more

Check out the video below

What kind of fabric or textile projects are you working on at the moment?  leave a comment and let me know.  I like having at least a few on the go at the same time or have them at different stages, adding variety.

Thursday 9 June 2022

Beyond the Layers - Creating with Cold Wax and Oil


Join Marina as she explores the wonders of adding Cold Wax Medium to your oil paints to create beautiful textures and layers!

Since discovering Cold Wax Medium, Marina's creative process has changed completely, giving her so much freedom with her art! She’ll show you how she builds up her figurative paintings and how to create luscious, textured backgrounds. You will soon be hooked on the Cold Wax Medium!

Whether you are new to Cold Wax Medium or have already worked with it, this class is for all levels!!

What you'll be learning in this class:

Cold Wax Medium techniques
How to check your values
Color properties
Work with a bowl scraper and a palette knife
Create beautiful layers
Making textures with texture tools
How to add a figure to your painting

Work with a limited color palette

Monday 6 June 2022

Transcendence - Art and Spirituality Free Summit


Transcendence - Art and Spirituality Summit

I am excited to be one of the presenters on the Transcendence: Art & Spirituality Summit.

I am sharing a project that looks at recognizing the things that you are grateful for and speaking encouraging words over your life, as we create an art journal page. There are 27 other presenters sharing amazing sessions such as:

  • Radical Positivity

  • The Patterns of Spirit

  • Connecting to Your Intuition

  • Intuition as a Gateway to Creativity

  • and much much more!


Join us for Transcendence: Art & Spirituality Summit it is running on June 20-25, 2022. 


You can register Today for FREE access

Free access for a limited time from June 20-25


If you want unlimited access it is available for only $55.55.


Join us HERE

Transcendence: Art & Spirituality Summit



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Thursday 2 June 2022

Archetype Art Journaling


Archetype Art Journaling, is an in-depth, mixed media lesson that invites you to learn more about yourself as you delve into the magic and mystery of archetypes and oracle cards!

The goal is to connect to your intuition and gain a deeper understanding of your journey. Inside this creative journaling lesson, you''ll ponder and explore the images and cards you intuitively selected.

From there, Ivy will guide you through creating a beautiful, symbolic collage that incorporates paint, pens, stencils and other lovely mixed media goodies!

At the end of the creative journey, you'll reflect on what you have created and what it means to you! This creative lesson is healing, exciting and full of beautiful discoveries.

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