Thursday 27 May 2021

Art and Wellness Cafe - Word for the Week - Exquisite

Welcome to the Arts and Wellness Café, thank you for joining me.  In the video today I share more about the word 'Exquisite' and you can check out the podcast and listen to the start of the week and this word.

I love being creative and sharing my work and encouraging you to be your creative self.   I also share an Art Journal page and some of the fabric art that I am working on.

If you want to catch the Art Journal Page separately you can do so below:

If you haven't managed to listen to the podcast you can do so below

Listen to the word for the week on Realityarts podcast.

Welcome to Series 3 of Creating in Faith, this is Episode 22 and the word for the Week is Exquisite

What is it that you feel about your creativity, or the work that you do?  Can you describe how it makes you feel.

You can listen to the podcast Here

Monday 24 May 2021

Creating an Art Journal Page - Use up your Supplies


Join me in the studio as we work on an art journal page, the aim is to use up supplies that you have been sitting on and allowing to dry up and feel neglected.

It is time for you to dig them out and give them a new lease of life, create an art journal page with me, or create something else with what you have.

I am looking forward to see what you create and you join the journey.

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Saturday 22 May 2021

Arts and Wellness Café - Word for the Week - Profound. Art Journal Page, Slow Stitching and More!

Come and join me in the Arts and Wellness Café where the Word for the Week has been Profound.  Check out the video below to hear about some of the things that I am sharing:

Here are the time stamp sections - 

One of the things that helped me through our first lock down as we dealt with the Global pandemic was to start stitching, and I completed many projects. I didn't realize how much I enjoyed slow stitching and creating projects.

Here are some projects that I am working my way through and I have been creating some smaller pieces as well.

This piece incorporates stitching with hand dyed wax resist fabrics

I like working on more than one piece at a time and here are some additional stitched pieces that are coming to a close. (I will share in another post.

Art Journal Page

You also get to see in this video how you can get rid of some of your neglected art supplies and create a lovely art journal page and here are some that I shared.

Applying the paint and using stencils to create a design enables you to make some really lovely background pages ready for when you next have time to work on them.

I had intended to use several stencils, but only used two for these pages.  It was lovely working in the journals, I had one main one and used two others to use up the extra paint I had on the pallet.  The paints are reasonably priced and over they years I have collected quite a few, so want to use some of them up before they dry out.  I have put the links to some of the supplies I used.

Folk Art -
Martha Stuart Paints -
Apple Barrel -
Stencils (one of the stencils is a recycled lid) -

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Tuesday 18 May 2021

Creating in Faith - Word for the Week - Profound

It is great to share this weeks episode of my Realityarts Podcast.  Every Monday we have a series called Creating in Faith - which looks at a weekly word and the need for us to create on a daily basis regardless to how we feel as being creative impacts on our health and wellbeing in a positive way.  You just have to find the way that suits you best.

Listen in to this weeks episode.  The Word for this week is Profound


 If you missed the previous week you can catch it below

Creating a Fabric Art Journal Page

When I am sewing I save all of the fabric scraps. No smaller than say an inch in size. There are so many things that you can do especially if you have amassed a large amount. Usually what I will do is stitch them into some small wall hangings or art pieces and they can often go to make quite larger pieces of art.

When I don't want to sew I will take them and add to an art journal - you create a fabric journal page that you can paint on in your art journal. I am sharing in this video one of the pages I sometimes create when I want to use up some of my scraps. - check out the video above.

They are a mixture of jeans material and lighter Africa fabric material. They have been glued to the page using pva glue and then covered with gesso so that it will absorb the paint better.

Adding paint of choice becomes easier once you have added the gesso and you also create lovely texture as you can see from the different fabrics.
Sometimes you need to step away from the piece and as I am applying paint I can see a figure coming through but need to give it time to establish itself. Check out the video to see more. I will be doing some more work
I hope you enjoy playing around with a fabric art journal page and see where it takes you.

Thursday 13 May 2021

Arts and Wellness Cafe - Word for the Week - 'Eager'


Arts and Wellness Cafe - Amanda Trought

The word for this week is 'Eager' and we look at the way in which our eagerness translates to our creativity.  What is it that you are eager about in what you do. I love to create and so will find many different types of materials to make something.

I shared above a recycled art journal that I transformed and then used what I had to cover it, it will be a space where I can add to the pages when I want and just create.  Sometimes when I approach an art journal page all I want to do is just add an outline and in this case this is what I did on one of the pages so that I can come back another time and it would already be started

I shared some of the fabric art pieces that I have been working on and decided to work on this one over the next week or so, I am busy looking for fabric to be the backing.

Beading is also an important part of the piece for me and I will be spending time looking through some of the beads that might be just right.

Here is another one that I am looking forward to working on and I also have a wood burned wooden piece to add to it.

I also share details of the book by artist Shimoda and her book - The Art of Care Giving you can check her out HERE or

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Tuesday 11 May 2021

Creative Gardener - Harvesting Cassava

Come and join me in the Creative Garden this week as we look at harvesting Cassava from my garden.

You can see more images on my Patreon Blog

Monday 10 May 2021

Creating in Faith - Eager (Word for the Week)

Welcome on the Podcast today we look at a new word each week.  The Word for this week is 'Eager'.  When we think of our creativity and the words we should think about how it relates to us and how we can use the encouraging aspects of the word to motivate and propel us forward into our creative pursuits.

You can listen to the podcast below.

Did you catch last weeks Art Journal Page video and the word 'Quiet'

Thank you for watching, Stay blessed and be a blessing

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