Thursday 28 October 2021

The Art Bundle #6 Giveaway - Win Over $5000 of Art Classes and Resources


I am one of the participating artists in the Art Bundles for Good #6 and I want to give you a chance or two to win the all new Art Bundles for Good #6 

Three lucky winners will have a chance to win the entire Art Bundles for Good #6 including $5000 worth of art courses and other great resources. There are over 100 art resources from more than 85 of your favorite artists this year.

It doesn’t cost anything to enter, so don’t miss out. Enter HERE

The Art Bundle Giveaway only lasts for 1 week, starting today! The more you share, the more chances you have to win.

Art Bundle #6 is Coming on November 4th for 5 Days!

The sixth Art Bundles of Good is coming next week. This is the best deal in online art classes you will find. There are more than 85 artists contributing 100+ art courses and resources with a value of over $5000!

25% of the profits from the sale are going to Courageous Kitchen, a Bangkok based charity helping refugees. We’ve raised US$81,654 for charity so far.

Visit the website to enter the Art Giveaway. Three lucky people will win the entire bundle of art resources!

(REMEMBER - The more you share, the more chances you have to win.)

Wednesday 27 October 2021

Book Review - Creative Bloom


Here is the latest book review, you can check out the video below and click on the image above to take you to the amazon page to find out more information

Creative Bloom by Jennifer Swift,  projects and inspiration with fabric and wire prepare your own garden of self-expression with creative fabric and wire projects and techniques that you can use again in your personal artwork.

There are some lovely creative projects in the book for you to try out.

It is split into eight chapters and the author uses references to growing in her own garden and the thing I like about this book is that throughout the book she refers to our creative growth, referring to things like sowing the garden preparing the soil and she talks about the work that she did in in her own garden and how she first started.

 There's 21 projects that you can make and throughout there are inspiring quotes that you can refer to it gives you all the tools and materials and the kind of techniques that you'll be learning and there are also additional tips that you can refer to in the book.  

It has got quite detailed descriptions so and you can adapt the  supplies if you don't have the exact ones to suit 

At the back we have a series of templates that you can use and you can make your own and think about some other words or shapes that you would like to create.  It is published by Northlight Books.

Check out some of my other recommended art supplies, resources and books on Amazon HERE

Tuesday 26 October 2021

Art Journal Page - Hot Air Balloon


Come and join me as I complete my latest Art Journal Page - Hot Air Balloon.  

If you want to see the video in real-time with discussion and a look at my Composition Art Journal Page as well, you can join me on my Patreon Page

Monday 25 October 2021

Material Mondays - Fabrigasm, List Shephard and Mud Cloth

One to keep an eye on in the world of African Fabric is Lisa Shepard who sells a very wide selection of African fabrics in her store front in 1417 Main Street in the Arts District of downtown Rahway, NJ , online and you can book to have a virtual tour of her studio HERE

I came across Lisa when she did the Live Event, which had a great selection of artists talks sharing their work, it was great to be among so many others who were passionate about fabric.

Check out her video below:

She has written several books which has a lot of hints and tips for ideas that you can make - click on the images to find out more!

You can also check out her website HERE 

And her new issue of Fabrigasm


Sunday 24 October 2021

Arts and Wellness Cafe - You are Remarkable!! And Then Some...

Welcome to this weeks episode of Arts and Wellness Café where the topic is whether or not you realize how Remarkable you are?

In the video we think about the word and our creativity and we look at stepping into it.  At the end of the day you have to let go of any fears or doubts that you have and just go for it!!

Have a look at the video below:  We also cover a book review and Art Journal Page

What creative activities are you holding yourself back from, fearing what others might think or say when you share.  I always say that if you don't share you miss out on reaching that person that is sitting thousands of miles away and would be inspired by what you have to say - you could change their life, inspire and give them hope.  

But if you listen to that one person sitting in a dusty basement in their leggings trawling from one site to the next looking to see how negative they can be in the comments you have missed out on an amazing opportunity to spread your joy, be part of a community and see your creative activities grow!!  

The book that we cover in this episode is Creative Bloom, it has some great projects using wire and I love the gardening references.

In 'Question of the week I ask 'How long have you been playing it small, hiding your light, and how long are you going to continue?  I would be interested to hear what you think, are you - have you just broken free and now shining like the stars?

The links that I shared:

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Special offer Access to over 100 courses for 30 days

"Playing Card Art"
"How Does your Garden Grow"

Digital Art Backgrounds for Art Journaling, and all your creative activities

Friday 22 October 2021

Join Life Book 2022 and get 30% OFF!!!


 It was great to be one of the teachers for Life Book 2021 and we created a stitched wall hanging for our bonus lesson,

And a clay frame with heart sentiment for the main lesson.

 there were some fantastic lessons from all the teachers.

You can now sign up for Life Book 2022 and get a 30% discount until 1st Jan 2022

Be part of an incredible year of art making! 

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What’s included in Life Book?

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Learn to use your creativity to support your wellbeing

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Make Art, Feel Happy

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Friday 8 October 2021

52 Art Journals Series - Coin Art Journal

Coin Art Journal

52 Weekly Art Journals with Amanda Trought

Here is one of my latest art journals.  In the video I share with you how the journal was created and then go on to create a page using oil pastels.

You can etch into the oil pastels to highlight and create marks on your image.  You can check out the video below.

If you would like to see the other art journals that I have created you can find them HERE  


Wednesday 6 October 2021

Arts and Wellness Café - Creative Impact Awareness


What is the impact of your creativity on the world? In this weeks episode the word is Aware and suggests that we need to have a handle on what we are doing, how we feel and the impact in regards to other people.

When you are not sharing what you do then others cannot be blessed. That person who sees you as an example remains lost. Something for us to think about on our creative journey, or adventure which it sometimes feels like.

I shared this Art Journal page too, I had done the face some time back but when I was looking at it felt that there were some marks and doodles missing. The Journal page has been creating in my Restoration Art Journal. It is great to have a space to create and to experiment in.

You can check out this journal and hear me talk about some of the pages created HERE

Check out the rest of the arts and wellness café, and think about the tip for the week and also the question of the week - are there some things that you need to change.

Check out my new art course - Playing Card Art, creating art on playing cards, preparing the surface and having fun altering and bringing out an image - Check it out HERE

Also check out LIFEBOOK 2022, I taught on this years course and had lots of fun, you can check out my current project which is a stitched piece, gets you having fun with your fabric supplies

Stitched Meditations

Stitched Meditations - Amanda Trought

Pre-order Life Book 2022

There is a great lineup of teachers and you can also check out their profiles and see examples of their work!
Stay blessed and be a blessing

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