Friday 21 June 2024

Creative Weekend - Starts Here

What creative activities are you planning for this weekend.

If you would like a few hints and tips, I will provide you with 5 creative activities that you can do in a weekend. You can get all the family involved, or this might be something you do for a quiet moment.

Here Are 5 Creative ideas that you can think about doing:

1. DIY Studio Decor

Spend the weekend revamping your creative space with a few DIY projects. From creating your own art mood board for inspiration or upcycling old furniture that will help with your materials/tool storage, think about projects that you can do in a couple of hours or an afternoon.

2. Nature Inspired

Cole my dog loves being in the garden

Take your creative endeavors outside and set up an easel in a nearby park or your own garden. Let the beauty of nature inspire your artwork as you paint landscapes, flowers, or any other scene that catches your eye. Take a look at the colors and the subtle differences in shade. See if you can recreate this using your art supplies.  Come and join me in the garden for additional inspiration HERE

3. Free Art Courses

Take a look at the selection of FREE courses on my course platform and why not try them out using different supplies, and see how you can vary the results.  Courses can be found HERE

4. DIY Craft Projects

Unleash your artistic side with DIY craft projects - these are small projects that you can personalize and create small batches that can be given as gifts or when you are sending out one of your art pieces. You could try making handmade cards, or creating your own jewelry. These hands-on activities are not only enjoyable but also allow you to express your creativity in unique ways.

5. Photography Expedition

Grab your camera or your phone and set out on a photography expedition in your city or a nearby scenic spot, or again wander around your garden seeing what amazing animals or plants you can capture.

These creative ideas offer a mix of artistic, culinary, and outdoor activities to make your weekend both enjoyable and creatively fulfilling. Whether you choose to work on these projects alone or involve your family, exploring your creative side can lead to a weekend full of inspiration and self-expression.

Come and check out some of the FREE Mixed Media courses on my Course platform. You can check them out HERE

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