Monday 30 May 2022

Free Mixed Media Art Resources


Check out the Free resource - see a host of Free Resources and information for you to access, including digital and audio downloads, course information, book, product reviews, discounts and offers. You can check it out on my course platform - Click on the link HERE

Art Tags FREE Mini Course

A set of 7 art tags designs that you can add your own flair to. In the videos I share with you some hints and tips More information HERE

Recycled Stamps and Stencils Course

Do you want ideas for creating your own stamps and stencils from recycled materials, in this mini course I show you a series of examples using recycled materials and create a couple of art pages.  More information HERE


Mixed Media Art Courses to Check out

Thursday 26 May 2022

Veil of Wax - Mixed Media and Encaustic Portraits

I am delighted to bring you this class where we explore the beautiful combination of luminous encaustic wax and portraits!  For years, Ivy has adored this marriage of mediums and now she wants to share some of her favorite techniques.

Whether you are looking to combine photography, collage or your mixed media paintings with wax - this is the class for you - as Ivy will guide you through all these processes.

Encaustic wax creates a glowing layer of mystery and mood to your portraits and allows for much experimentation and exploration of other mediums too! You will create truly expressive and unique portraits that will have you hooked on this gorgeous blend. 

Check out Studio Works FREE for 30 days

Tuesday 24 May 2022

100 Handmade Foam Stamps - WE DID IT!!!

I achieved the goal of creating 100 Handmade Foam Stamps as part of the #dothe100dayproject!!  This is my 100th Stamp...

What always amazes me is the different emotions that you feel along the way for any challenge.  At the start you have doubts and wonder if you can finish, midway you can sometimes feel fed up and not sure if you can go on.  At the finish line you can feel as if you could quite easily do another 100 days!

Looking back from this vantage point it feels as if the time has gone really quickly.  I look back to when I started a little over 3 months ago and start to wonder about all the other challenges I could get myself to do and all the things that I could achieve in that time.

I think one of the good things was knowing that others were doing the challenge too, all be it different projects, but you had others who knew what it was like to make that 100 day commitment and share their ups and downs as well.

Here are all the stamps that I shared over the 100 days

The stamps were all made from recycled foam or thin sheet of craft foam that had been layered.  I will be making some of the designs available on my Etsy store and Course Platform 

Let me know if you took the challenge and how you found it, are you going to do another, take a break, how do you feel now you have completed it?

Check out the new FREE Course below


Mixed Media Art Courses to Check out

FREE Course
Have you wanted to create your own stamps and stencils, I share with you a variety of supplies you can use and create two mixed media art paintings.

Paid Courses

Friday 20 May 2022

The Joy of MOTIF - Rachel Bellamy Online Course


Join Rachel as she brings you on a journey of exploration and discovery, in her new course The Joy of M.O.T.I.F.

She has some amazing processes for creating abstract art and using colors, marks and symbols to bring them together a cohesive collection.

In this class, Rachel shares her M.O.T.I.F. framework that she uses to create a cohesive series of abstract art using gelli plates, a curated collection of supplies and inspired mark making.

Get ready to not just create a few pieces of mixed media abstract art but rather a fantastic array of pieces! You can frame them use them as gifts and cards and so much more!

Rachel will be your passionate guide for this creative adventure, as you create your own body of art work.

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Thursday 12 May 2022

Habit - Messy May - Art Prompt for your Art Journal Play


Messy May - Habit - Day 12

Today is my day for sharing a prompt for you to try out or interpret however you want.  The Prompt is to create a habit of seeing recycled materials and think about how you can use them in a creative way.

In my video shared on Instagram I show you a series of things I have created with materials that I have recycled.  Below are a few examples - I have used sequin waste, a tea light, adhesive pads that had lost their stickiness and some furniture pads and more.

I look for things that have texture or can transfer the texture onto my work.

You can also use lids,  doilies and these make great stencils

These are especially useful if you want to start creating marks unique to you in your art journal and great for when you are creating backgrounds.

In the video I show you what I use and how they look on an art journal page.  I then go on to do a journal page and create 2 art cards, which you can access on my course platform for Free - HERE

On the art journal page I use the stamps that I have created, I also use the cake sleeve once it has been covered in paint as a crown. 

The art cards use the stencils, decorated tissues and some of the stamps, they are fun to create and you can place them in your art journal or frame them.

If you would like to see how I created the Art Card and the Art Journal Page with the stamps and stencils you can join me for FREE on my course Platform HERE

You will also be able to download a digital copy of the stamps and stencil images I created to use in your art journals or creative practice.

Stay Blessed and Be a blessing

Wednesday 11 May 2022

A Year in Color - Art Journal Pages, and other Video Collaborations

A Year In Color is back with the FREE sampler for a total of 4 days starting Friday 13th May

I was invited by Larissa Russell of Creative U  to join her in the online A Year in Color  - in my session I show you how to create a mixed media art page.

Larissa and I together with a host of other presenters have created for you an amazing online experience, a full year of creativity, inspiration, and color.

We are offering you a sampler for free. Each presenter is adding two sessions to the A Year in Color lineup, and the first one is part of the Sampler. Purchase today at a discount to get the second sessions from each presenter. You can upgrade for 52 weeks of content, lifetime access, and a Facebook group to share with. From now until May 16th you can SAVE 10%.

Here is the page and prompt that I work with

Register for this Free Sampler event as time is limited, free access from May 13-16, 2022. Register HERE 

Tuesday 10 May 2022

Art Journal Cover - Mixed Media Artist Collaboration, Challenges

Mixed Media Art Collaboration

In the Mixed media art collaboration today, I share how you can create this art journal cover.  You create some lovely texture on the surface and it looks gorgeous.  You only need a few supplies.  We gather every second Tuesday of the month and share a mixed media art project.

You can see the video below.

You can catch up on previous collaboration projects that I have created with HERE

Monday 2 May 2022

Mini Art Journal & Background Page - Get Messy May - Day 1 & 2

So the Messy May prompts have started and for the first Days prompt 'Starting' I decided to make a few Matchbox sized art journals.  I will also be using them for some of the prompts to come.  The idea for me with the challenge this month is to do something creative no matter how small, so these mini art journals are ideal.  There will be some days where I do a full sized art journal spread depending on how I feel.

I am also one of the artists creating a prompt for the challenge and my day will be on Day 12 - Habit.  I hope you are able to join us and come and see how you can find additional ways to be creative and enjoy the process.

The prompt for today is 'Showing Up'

The prompt for today is 'Showing Up' and I created a background page using some of the paint supplies that I have.  I think one of the good things about challenges is that you can take the prompt where you feel like taking it, it is your creative journey so you enjoy it and the process.

These are colors that I don't normally combine together so it was great to be able to play in the art journal.

You can join us on the journey and take part, dip in and out if you wish and most of all enjoy.  My main day is on day 12 - Habit, and  I have a lovely prompt for you to do and some bonus sessions as well.  You can sign up HERE

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