Wednesday 22 November 2017

After 31 Art Journals What is next?

I really enjoyed sharing with you the 31 Art Journals Series, it took a lot out of me but I think that it was important for me to show up for myself and you on a regular consistent basis, are you showing up for yourself?  Your art journal page is a good reminder of your journey and how far you have come.

You were able to see a selection of the collection of art journals that I had created and worked in.  How many of the 31 Art Journals did you see?  Did you have a favorite, have you gone out and tried a few.  I had a lot of fun sharing the art Journals, there were even some that I hadn't seen in a while and it was great to revisit their pages.

So you may be asking what now, after all those journals it would be great to see how some of the pages are used.  As promised I will be taking a page from some of the journals and creating on them or finishing pages, so there will be lots to see.  The way that I use my journals varies.  Some to record ideas, work through a particular issue that I wanted to express on the page or just have fun and play.

Some of the art journals were part of a course that I had either taken or taught in, but in each art journal I have left a page or two or more for some so that I could create in it when the mood took me.  Your style might have changed over time but it is still a great idea to be able to see what you would do with a particular theme you may have in your journal.

I think one of my favorite journals over the 31 Journals was my Gratitude's and Celebrations art journal

It became a challenge creating the pages over a year and a half but it was a good reminder of the things that I was grateful for and it is a reminder of how far I have come as an artist as well.

I will be taking you through weekly art journal pages with a hope to spark your creativity further, and will be creating some 'how-to' videos so that you can learn how to make your own journals mainly from recycled and up-cycled materials.

I am so looking forward to taking you on the weekly art journal journey with me for creating pages.  The video will be out on Friday on my YouTube channel, would love to have you there.

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Sunday 5 November 2017

Art Journal Page - Background Bonus No 5

Blessings for you and yours, welcome to the 31 Art Journal Series backgrounds bonus.  This is the last day of the 31 Art Journals.  I hope that you have managed to see something that has pricked your interest in creating your own art journal..

Over the month you have been shown a series of art journals made from different materials, and 31 different tips to encourage you to work in your art journal.  On top of that you have also been shown a series of background videos to give you additional tips to creating backgrounds.

When you think about all the Art Journal tips, decide which ones you already incorporate into your journal practice and which ones you can start if you need to, you don't have to do them all at once it can be done over a period of time.

Check out today's background video to see how you can create those backgrounds using a few simple materials, and as you look back over the posts it will give you a great place to start.  If you need to check out the 31 Art Journals you can go HERE

The Video

Here is another easy way in which you can create your own background pages. Just add color and play with your supplies on the page and before you know it you have a great surface to work on further.  Enjoy!

Saturday 4 November 2017

31 Art Journals - No 30 & 31

Art Journal no 30

These are great little journals that you can focus on doing specific things in or use it as a normal journal.

Art Journal No 31

This is a lovely journal made from fabric with fabric pages, and can be painted or stitched.  In the videos I show you the pages and how I have used the journals.

Remember that Hacking the Color Wheel begins tomorrow!

Hope to see you there, remember to start thinking about the different types of journals that you can create.  Stay blessed and be a blessing.

31 Art Journals Weekly Tips No 5 - Recap and Hacking the Color Wheel Session 2

Welcome to the Weekly tips for the 31 Art Journals, here are some more great tips for you to put in practice to further enhance your experience of your art journal. 

1. You can come back to a page, it doesn’t have to be finished in one sitting.

2. Take photographs of the different stages of a page, there can often be much to learn from this as well.

3. If you can’t afford to try out different supplies, see if a friend has ones that you don’t have and have a swap so that you can try them out.

4. Your journal pages may become the source for further work in your journal, or paintings

5. Look at some of the videos created by others working in their journals, pick up tips and ideas that you can use in your own Journal.

6. Remember that everyone has their own style, you will find yours the more you spend time in your journal.

7. I can’t state it enough, but have fun and make your own rules for working in your journal

Video Recaps

Here are the video recaps for the week for those who wanted to binge watch :)

Hacking the Color Wheel Starts today

Are you still trying to decide whether you should sign up for the Online course - Hacking the Color Wheel - Art Journaling for Creative Rebels?  

Over the past month I have been showing you a selection of diverse Art Journals that you can make/buy/alter and more.  You have been given over 30 tips to put into practice and you have been getting a bonus weekly video to help you with your backgrounds.

When you sign up using my link you will get the following for 4 Bonuses FREE to keep

  • PDF A4 Art Journal hints and tips with over 30 tips to get you started on your Art Journal Journey
  • Four background videos showing you how to create some simple backgrounds in your art journals for you to download and keep FOREVER!
  • Five backgrounds that I have created full size for you to download and use in your journals
  • How-To booklet of Four Art Journals to make from different materials that I have shared in the 31 Art Journals
Fabric/handmade stitched
Cereal bag
Directories journal

It would be great to have you on the course so what you waiting for sign up HERE!  Stay blessed and be a blessing!

Friday 3 November 2017

31 Art Journals No: 26 & 27 - PLUS Hacking the Color Wheel Countdown

Oh my goodness, the Hacking the Color Wheel class starts in a couple of days, really excited to be teaching.  We are counting down and the lesson starts on 5th November, so remember to sign up.  I am giving away quite a number of bonuses when you use my link HERE

Looking forward to seeing you on the course.

The Art Journals Videos

Take a look at the videos to see how they were made and inspiration behind the pages.

No 26

This Art Journal was made from a course that I taught on called The Journey Within and this is where I put some of the work that I did.

No 27

This is another example of creating a journal out of some of the things you may have around you.  I had an old bank book and decided to make use of it.  The pages were quite thick but I stuck them together and it leaves you with quite a sturdy page.

What is the most unusual thing that you have made an art journal out of?

31 Art Journals - No 28 & 29

Only a couple of days left for the remainder of the journals that I am sharing with you as part of the series.  I have so many more that I have lovingly spent time on that will have to wait for another time.

In the meantime, I have two journals that I want to pass your way as I try and keep to my promise of getting them all out to you before the end of the week.  

Journal 28

This is a journal in progress, and is how a lot of them start out.  When you are creating your journal you don't always have to have all the pieces or do everything at once, but each stage can be a meditative process.

Journal 29

This art journal is from the One BadAss Art Journal class that I taught on earlier during the year.  It was fun to teach as well as be inspired by the other teachers on the course.

Take a look at the videos to see the inspiration behind the pages and what they mean to me.  I hope you are motivated to add something that you may have seen in your own process.

Remember that Hacking the Color Wheel starts on Sunday and you can sign up HERE

Stay blessed and be a blessing.

Wednesday 1 November 2017

31 Art Journals - No 24 & 25 Recycled Materials

Welcome to the series of 31 Art Journals.  For the next few days you are in for a treat and will be seeing two journals each day as we make our way through the rest of the art journals. definitely been a pleasure sharing and talking about the Art Journals, and so surprising how quickly time flies when your having fun.

This journal as with the art journal I showed you HERE is made from toilet roll tubes and card.  I have made lots of tags so that I can add journaling and there are also encouraging words placed throughout the journal as a reminder.

These two journals are made from recycled materials
and it is important that we start looking at the things that we have around us in a different way.  As creatives we can turn what some might consider trash into treasure, and I challenge you to think about how you can use recycled materials in a creative way.

This art journal was created out of a class with Jane Davenport called Frolicaholic and is also filled with encouraging questions and looks at encouraging you to see the gift that lays within.

How do you deal with your critic, what strategies do you use when you are in a 'flunk' and need to motivate yourself to get on with it?

Take a look at both the videos for these journals to see the pages and get an idea how each spread was developed.

Stay blessed and be a blessing, looking forward to hearing about your creative adventures!

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