Wednesday 22 November 2017

After 31 Art Journals What is next?

I really enjoyed sharing with you the 31 Art Journals Series, it took a lot out of me but I think that it was important for me to show up for myself and you on a regular consistent basis, are you showing up for yourself?  Your art journal page is a good reminder of your journey and how far you have come.

You were able to see a selection of the collection of art journals that I had created and worked in.  How many of the 31 Art Journals did you see?  Did you have a favorite, have you gone out and tried a few.  I had a lot of fun sharing the art Journals, there were even some that I hadn't seen in a while and it was great to revisit their pages.

So you may be asking what now, after all those journals it would be great to see how some of the pages are used.  As promised I will be taking a page from some of the journals and creating on them or finishing pages, so there will be lots to see.  The way that I use my journals varies.  Some to record ideas, work through a particular issue that I wanted to express on the page or just have fun and play.

Some of the art journals were part of a course that I had either taken or taught in, but in each art journal I have left a page or two or more for some so that I could create in it when the mood took me.  Your style might have changed over time but it is still a great idea to be able to see what you would do with a particular theme you may have in your journal.

I think one of my favorite journals over the 31 Journals was my Gratitude's and Celebrations art journal

It became a challenge creating the pages over a year and a half but it was a good reminder of the things that I was grateful for and it is a reminder of how far I have come as an artist as well.

I will be taking you through weekly art journal pages with a hope to spark your creativity further, and will be creating some 'how-to' videos so that you can learn how to make your own journals mainly from recycled and up-cycled materials.

I am so looking forward to taking you on the weekly art journal journey with me for creating pages.  The video will be out on Friday on my YouTube channel, would love to have you there.

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