Monday, 4 December 2017

What about the VLOG? Episodes 1 and 2

Alright, so I dived right in and have started to VLOG!

Yes I have started small, and hope to do a hourly, daily, weekly ok at the moment a sometime vlog talking about the things that are coming up at the moment, and more.  When I started I wanted to do it daily, but life, time, and over promising myself got the better of me, so I totally stopped. The desire to do it was still there, so I decided to break it down a bit, take the self imposed pressure off and do it as a weekly-ish Realityarts Vlog

I moved home had to do the packing and unpacking - I am on my 4th studio space, will share more soon.  I had courses and exhibitions to deal with and lots of other things that seem to be vying for time, and I want to share some of it on video, but I really underestimated just how long it would take.

Join me anyway on my YouTube channel, are you on your own creative journey and want some inspiration, or want to break-in, don't quite know where to start?  Well over time I will be providing some of the answers (from my perspective). I will be sharing what excites and motivates me, and inspiration from other artists - you accompany me on a creative tropical adventure. 

I will also cover in my VLOG the highs and lows of relocating that we found and how we adjusted to a new way of life, answer questions, tell you about new techniques and courses that I am involved with and so much more.
Episode 2 Series 1

Episode 1, Series 1

The third episode which is well over due should be with you this week and perhaps that will be the regular viewing date, I am trying to keep myself to a schedule - (a work in progress), rather than like sniper fire.

Anyway I hope you enjoy, and join me on the creative journey, we only have one life, why not live it to the full and step out and do the things that bless you and can inspire others in some way.  Go on, I dare you!  High Five..... I'm daring myself so you can't leave me hanging!

Do check out some of my other social sites, that seem to take up so much time....

Pinterest - don't you just love all the different boards, no more piles of magazines with circles around things that inspire you or that you just like..

Anyway, thanks for getting this far, stay blessed and be a blessing


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