Monday 18 December 2017

Affordable Art and the Anonymous Charity Art Show and more!

If you are going to be in Barbados between now and the 31st January, then you will have a wonderful opportunity to own not only one of my paintings and sculptures, but you will also be able to purchase the work by many talented men and women artists as well.  

Mixed Media Art Doll

If you don't happen to have the opportunity to make it to Sunny Barbados then check out my website and other social media profiles to see how you can purchase my art direct and also see what other paintings and sculptures available.

I am participating in the Affordable Art Show at the recently refurbished Queens Park Gallery where all the art work on display will be available for under $500. 

Mixed Media Painting - Amanda Trought

I have both paintings and sculpture available for sale

Mixed Media Sculptures - Heart - Amanda Trought

and it is a lovely gallery space!

The Affordable Art Fair (Art Supermarket) makes art more accessible for those who would like to start building their collection of a range of artists, and also opens the door for many emerging artists to show their work as well.  

Things are going quite quickly so you will need to hurry with Christmas only 8 days away!!  

The Art Fair is open until 31st December, so you can also get your New Year Gifts as well!

Opening reception of Queen's Park Gallery "ART SUPERMARKET/ "AFFORDABLE ART EXHIBITION" exhibition Sunday Dec 10th 11am to 2pm. 
No piece is more than Bds $500. 
The exhibition continues until Dec 30th.
Hours 10am -6pm Tues to Sat.
Curated by Janice Whittle


Anonymous Charity Art Show

The Frame & Art Co is hosting the Anonymous Charity Art Show benefiting Jabez House. The show opened on December 8th running until 31st January 2018.  Here is the Online Album of work so far.  It is for a great cause and enables both established and emerging artists to support and show their work on and build your collection with artists who you might not have been exposed to before.

I have 4 pieces of art in the exhibition and there are over 200 original paintings created in diverse styles and subject matters are featured on 12" x 12" canvases and sold anonymously.

The artist remains a mystery, until after the purchase, when the name will be revealed. All paintings are sold for $375.00 BBD.

For more information, contact 271-6509.


Crane Village Gallery

It seemed like only yesterday that I was preparing for the Carmichael Exhibition, and showed one of my mixed media paintings.  

Emerge - Mixed Media Art - Amanda Trought

She is still looking for a home and will be available on my website.  I have some new work going up at the Crane, and it is more abstract utilizing different mediums on the canvas.

Layers - Mixed Media - Amanda Trought

Photographs don't do it justice, the colours are really vibrant and the paints have different textures within them, you will have to go and see it in person!

There are so many other Art events that are happening in Barbados at the moment with  Exhibitions, artists, photographers, art talks, workshops and interviews and more - check out The Barbados Visual Arts Events a monthly online magazine published by Corrie Scott.

There will of course be other additional events happening over the Christmas season and on into the New year, so keep your eyes peeled!

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