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52 Art Journals - Weekly Art Journal Series

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Join me for the current Art Journal Project - each week I will be sharing an art journal with you and showing how they are created and giving you hints and tips.
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Some of my Art Journal Teaching include these courses, you can click on them to find out more:



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31 Art Journal Series

Need some inspiration with your art journal background pages?  Join me each week as I share ideas for your backgrounds using your art supplies and tools. click on the image above.

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31 Art Journals Series

If you love working in art journals, not too sure how to make them, would really like to understand what you can do in them, then you are in the right place.

I love creating in art journals and have done for many years.  I have a large collection of art journals that I have made from a variety of materials including card, fabric, paper, plastic and more.  Your art journal is your sanctuary and should not be compared to another.  Get all the information you need, and learn the techniques and you will be surprised at your growth, insights and revelations.

Below are 31 Art Journals that I have created and there are more which I will show you another time.  In this series I show you through the blog and video the selection of art journals.  I have also taught on a series of art journal courses and you can see the links at the home page and side panels.

Blog post

Blog Post

Blog Post

Blog Post

Blog Post

Blog Post

Remember to have fun and do not compare yourself, and give yourself that much needed time to explore.  As part of the series you will get:

  • Insight into how each 31 journals were made
  • Video flip through of pages on Youtube and
  • Weekend roundup and tips
  • Video of an art journal process ie 'backgrounds'
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Art Journaling is a part of life
Some of my Art Journal Teaching include these courses, you can click on them to find out more:




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