Saturday, 7 October 2017

31 Art Journals - Weekly recap, tips and more!

Wow, a week has passed already!  I wanted to let you catch your breath and give you a recap - slightly changes the overall timeline.  Time flies so quickly and I understand that you might have wanted to follow along every day and weren't able to.  The weekly recap enables you to catch the 'season' all at once and binge watch if you so desire ­čÖé.

You will get a bonus 6 tips for the week and on Sunday will share with you something more practical and give you a 'how-to' art journal page video and this will hopefully further spark your creative juices for week to come.  This week we will be looking at one way to create background pages with inexpensive supplies.

We will start back again on Monday with the Art journal selection which will take us a few days into November, but I want you to have as much time to process the different styles of journals you would have seen this week.  There might be one that you want to try as well as have time out do one of the techniques shown in an art journal page you might have seen.

6 Art Journal Tips

  1. Don't get hung up over what art journal to use 
  2. Art journals can be brought, recycled up-cycled and made from a variety of materials
  3. Experiment with different journals to see what type/size you like
  4. While it might take more time, making your own journal will bring more satisfaction and you can make it to suit your specific requirements
  5. When you start making your own journals, it will have you looking at your environment in a new way
  6. Experiment with different materials, don't be scared to use different surfaces, and supplies - remember this is YOUR journal

Here are your journals that I have shown for the week 

Let me know which one was your favorite.  And if you create some backgrounds I would love to see them.  Stay blessed and be a blessing!

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