Monday, 30 October 2017

31 Art Journals - No 22 - Brave Journal

Welcome to 31 Art Journals and Art Journal 22

Here is another one created from a children's book that has been up-cycled.  It is a hard back book which is great when you are adding embellishments and collage to the pages.

It was one that I created as part of the Brave Girls Club course that I did and it looks at providing us with encouragement.  It also serves as a pick me up when you stray from your positive self.

It is important that you have a journal that you can encourage yourself in and show up for yourself on a daily basis, and I think we also need to deal with the difficult areas that we often try and ignore as we solve the problems of others.

Think about what it is you really want in your life and where you want to go, where your gifts lay and how you can nurture yourself and in turn others

I really enjoyed creating this mini journal and you can make them any time and highlight different areas of your life.  What has been your favorite Art Journal from the series?

I want to remind you that I have a space to give away on the Hacking the Color Wheel Series 2 where I will be teaching.  There is an amazing line up of teachers!.  I have a great session for you to do, all you need to do for a chance to win a spot is to leave a comment on one of the art journal videos.  You can also sign up to the mailing list to receive information on courses, classes, free giveaways and more.

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