Sunday, 29 October 2017

Art Journal Page - Background Bonus no 4

Blessings for you and yours this Sunday, and welcome to the 31 Art Journal Series backgrounds bonus.

If you didn't catch the background bonus from last week you can see it HERE and HERE

Here is a reminder of yesterdays tips, see which ones you already incorporate into your journal practice and which ones you can start if you need to.

Check out today's background video to see how you can create those backgrounds using a few simple materials.  In this video I am using pastels and gesso.  I do like the effects you can get with pastels but don't like using them in the traditional way, so I use them to create backgrounds and blend with the gesso.

I also show you how you can change your mind when working on a page, to suit, don't be afraid, now therwill be no excuse not to start!

The Video

Stay blessed and be a blessing, now go and create something!

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