Sunday, 8 October 2017

31 Art Journals - Art Journal page - Backgrounds Bonus!

Happy Sunday,  and welcome to the 31 Art Journal Series.  I thought it would be good to break up the format slightly and give you and example of creating a background for your art journal page.  This is just one way and I have a few more examples to share with you over the next few weeks.

Whether you have loads of yummy supplies or you don't you can always find supplies to suit your budget.

I took a trip to my local supermarket and found a cheap paint kit for kids that came with brush, roller, 3 primary colour poster paints, foam stamps a mixing bowl and brush holder all for £4.  I got an additional paints that were pearlised and cost £1 each.  You can even pick up larger packets of poster paint and these are especially good if your working on recycled materials and want to create several layers.

There are also cheaper brands that you can use when you are experimenting, and even with these you can get some really interesting results.

You can also use gesso and stencils to give you texture on your pages and instead of a brush you can use an old credit card to apply the paint to the paper.

Art Journal Tips

Here is a reminder of yesterdays tips

Backgrounds Video 1

Take a look at the video as I go through the steps.  I hope that you are able to pick up some useful hints and tips and look forward to seeing you next week for another series of Art Journals.

Stay blessed and be a blessing.

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