Monday, 23 October 2017

I'm Teaching on Hacking the Color Wheel - Art Journaling for Creative Rebels!

Well it is nearly that time guys, another 2 weeks before Session 2 starts for the course Hacking the Color Wheel - Art Journaling for Creative Rebels, it kicks off on 5th November 2017!

Amazing Teachers on the Course

Have you put the date down in your diary because it is going to be a great course.  Session 1 was amazing and there were so many hints and tips to put into practice in your art journal.  Kiala taught you how to create several art journals as well.

In Session 2 you are in for another great treat from the guest teachers that will be showing you some fabulous lessons, and I am also excited to share with you my lesson.

Here is a sneak peak at what you will make

I will be sharing 3 parts to my lesson and giving you lots of hints and tips that you will be able to use in other creative or art journaling work.

  • You will be creating a surface test swatch, to see how your supplies react to different surfaces
  • You will also create a color breakdown swatch taking your favorite papers, fabric and seeing what colors are used to make up each one.
  • You will also create a set of A6 cards using a fun technique that produces a unique work of art every time and you don't need to able to draw!!!

If you have been following my 31 Art Journals Series you will have been seeing many of the journals that I have made over the years, and once you have learnt the basic techniques you can make your own Art Journal to suit your particular tastes.  I have been doing a video flip through on my YouTube channel so you can get a better look at each Art Journal.  They are all very different in style and make.

I have one space to give away on the Hacking the Color Wheel Course, so to be in for a chance hop on over to my Youtube channel and make a comment on one of the 31 Art Journals.  For each comment that you make your name will go into the hat and you will increase your chances to possibly win the spot.

Over the next week I will be sharing a bit more about my class and what you can expect to learn.  I also have some great Art Journaling bonuses that will be yours to keep when you sign up for the class using my unique link so do come back tomorrow to see what they will be!


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