Saturday, 7 October 2017

31 Art Journals - Day 6 - Graze Box Recycled Journal

Welcome to Day 6 of the 31 Art Journals, it is a pleasure to be here again and to share with you today's journal.

This is a recycled journal made from the outer cover of this Graze Box, which for those who are not familiar you can see the review that I did HERE  They are very tasty.

They contain a great selection of snacks that you can mix and match depending on your tastes.  

So I decided to use the outer cover of the graze box to make the journal and it was filled with a selection of recycled paper that I would be working on.

I created two journals out of the packaging and you can see the post HERE  They were great fun to make and it meant less things going into landfill.

After completion I began to add color to the pages and random collage material just to get something down and not have a blank page staring back.  This is a great especially if you have limited time, you can at least feel that you have got something creative done.

The completed journal along with some handmade beads to decorate the spine and a button clasp.

Check out the video to take a look inside the journal.

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