Thursday, 31 May 2012

Graze Box Recycled Journals

Got sent a graze box a while back which had an array of delightful snacks.
It came through normal post so there was no need to wait in.  After I finished it I decided to see what I could make from the packaging

With the small book you get with your first order I made a mini book with a wrap around clasp and will use this to be a little notebook
With the rest of the materials I made a bigger journal.  The box serves as the cover and I used a range of paper and tissue paper to cover this.  On the inside I used the tray that the boxes sit in as places where you can either put photographs or your favourite sayings, inspiration cards. 

I used magazine and calender pages which were matt in finish and this made it easier to add paint and collage material for the signature pages
I will be using the bigger journal to do a series of images.  I will share more as I go along. 

It was great fun making the different items and great to see how we can reuse and repurpose a variety of things for creative purposes


  1. I would have just thrown it out. Isn't amazing how we perceive things differently?

  2. I'm impressed with your creative artistry! I wish you were here to help me organize all of our old family photos! I loved seeing the different stages of your project! Julie

  3. Hi Amanda .. so clever - I always try and think of clever things to do with empty boxes, or containers like these - but I have an exit ploy .. they go to the home - so the patients can utilise them somehow.

    Your idea of the photo album and then the notebook is so inventive ..

    Cheers - you're obviously enjoying your new studio! Happy weekend in London town .. Hilary

  4. I like this. I'm an avid recycler also, and love to see how others recycle.

  5. really cool! i love your journal XD -ashley

  6. Jo, I nearly did throw it out its amazing what you can give a new lease of life!

    Michelle, thank you

    Julie, its funny, I find it easier to help others sort than doing my own!

    Hilary, enjoying my space emensely

    Carol, its easy to run out of space with all this collecting, might need a bigger studio!:)

    Ashley, thank you, glad you could stop by.


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