Friday 18 May 2012

My Studio - Exciting News!

For a long time I have poured over the magazine 'Where women Create' being inspired and looking at the lovely studios of creative women all around the world.  From the corner of my kitchen table and my alcove space
and my over flowing boxes of supplies I dreamed of one day working in my own space, dedicated to my creativity and work.  Well the day has come, I have finally got a studio space, and I am so totally excited!
The box room in our house has become available and we have all agreed that I will use it as my studio and move all my things. - though Sekani and his dad did contempatle using it as a mini gym but creativity won the day!...I definitely have my work cut out for me and there is lots to do!  The great thing about it currenlty is there is a lot of storage and cupboard space which was built when my son used the room and I will be able to make good use of it

I want to do every thing now and get it ready, but realise that it will take time to get it how I want to.  I gave myself a week turnaround at least to get it set up and working.  Some of prorities include:
  • Making the most of the natural light
  • Having a couple of stations at least to be able to do different activities
  • Letting the space work for me and have the most important things to hand
  • Having space to leave work undisturbed
  • Creating a space that I wanted to be in and inspires me
This is the space at the moment, I have cleared out most of the things and the next steps will be to:
  • finish clearing the cupboards
  • taking down the bed
  • painting the room and changing the carpet

Having the window and getting all the light is such a blessing, and it will be great to get the rest of the house sorted along the way.  Anyway, blessings for the weekend!


  1. you are invited to follow my blog

  2. How nice to have a dedicated room. I do, there are only two of us but we have a 3 bedroom apartment (flat to you) and one of the rooms is my computer room, library, office etc. etc. We don't really need such a large place, but it is wonderful to have a nice big room to myself.

  3. Have fun decorating your creative space! Sounds like a great idea!

  4. best wishes on your creative space. i know you will be so happy when it is done. i can't wait to get a craft room. my wish! :)

  5. AWESOME to have your own room! Look forward to the transformation!!!

  6. That's fantastic. There's nothing like having your own personal space for creating . . . fixing it just the way you want it. I love my den because everything about it reflects who I am, from my WIPs to my interests and tastes. And decorating is half the fun.Your creativy will surely soar even more!

  7. So happy for you. Don'tknow what I would do without my own space. Hoorah! for you. You may want to rethink taking out all of the cupboards, they can be useful and by all means keep carpet out. I remember when I moved to CA I tore the carpeting out of the third bed room one day and there was very old tiles that stayed down until we installed wood years later. I was a newly wed and everyday when Bob would come home I enjoyed seeing the surprise on his face. He had made me comfortable enough to do anything I wanted to do to our house. My blessings in your endeavors.

  8. There is nothing like having your own space. Big congratulations to you Amanda!. I tagged you on my post today abd answered the first question on your 11 challenge questions. Hey, it's something, ok? So go to my blog and take a look see.

  9. Steve, will check out your blog, thanks for stopping by.

    Jo, its great to finally have a space.

    Krista, looking forward to it.

    Kelly, thank you, I'll be praying for ya!

    Dale Anne - isn't it, transformation on the way. Looking forward to taking your course on 21 secrets!

    Mae Clair, I still have to pinch myself, still doing a celebration dance!

    Debra, thank you, looking forward to reading it!


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