Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Studio unveiling!

Finally....., drum roll, banners flying, bring on the trumpets and after a couple of weeks of organising, painting the walls laying the flooring, my studio is READY.  I’ve been busy I and still can’t believe its all mine.

I cleared the room and painted the walls.  There is lots of cupboard space which is great.   I also went out and got some flooring for the room, the carpet had been down for 13 years so was well due to be changed - laying it was easier than I thought.

On taking the bed apart and flipping it looked like it could have made some storage and surface space to have the separate work area, but it didn't quite work out so I got 2 smaller desks which as you know for Ikea furniture came flat packed.  Once I had assembled the first one the second was quite easy.  I really enjoyed getting all the parts to fit together and see the end result.

Just being in the space make me excited about all the things I will create.  I have been working through the containers and using the fitted storage cupboards to stack equipment.  The studio is beginning to feel like home and now I’m just doing the final nestling in.  It’s been great to be reunited with materials that were packed away and I’ve been busy experimenting.  

I want my studio to inspire creativity and be a space that I enjoy working in.  There is so much light that comes in the room.....here are some images

 Some of the fitted cupboards, came in real handy for storage

letting the light in!

My desk with some of the paints and brushes

my studio is ready and open for business!.  

There are a couple of tweaks here and there as I get used to where things and see if the work in the space. At some point I will do a mini video tour of the studio, blessings!

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