Tuesday 19 November 2013

Tutorial Tuesdays - Teabag Treasures

Tutorial Tuesday

Teabag Treasures
On Saturday I showed you my teabag treasures HERE.  Today I will be showing you how to make one of these decorated teabags to make your own treasures.  They are pretty straight forward.

Select whatever type of teabags you may have.  There may be some that got forgotten in the back of your cupboards that you can use.

Here are some of the tools that I used for this project.

Take the teabags and make a slit on one side and then cut along the top of the bag. Pour out the contents of the teabag.

Select from a range of things that you might have already or that you want to make, and encouraging word, an image that can go inside the bag.

When you are satisfied with the contents that you have cover the bag in pva glue and coat the back as well.  Allow to dry.  The glue helps the teabag to stiffen and has a leathery type feel.

For the frame of the bag I used quinoa and put a beading of glue then sprinkled the quinoa on to cover all of the glue.

Allow to dry and then add any additional embellishments 

You can either leave the edges as they are or you could put a coat of paint of your choice, alternatively you can rub 'goldfinger metallic finish' to give it a vintage look.

Teabag Treasures
Once complete give it a final coat of pva glue on the front and the back which will act as a sealant.  You could go on to use these bags in your journals, on cards as a gift.

I am looking forward to sharing next weeks recycled project.

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