Monday 18 November 2013

Material Mondays - Crochet Neck Warmers

Crochet Neck Warmers

With winter coming up I think about comfort and being warm.  I don't mind the cold weather but I dislike being cold, so you will always see me with hat, scarf, gloves and very thick socks!

I found with scarves lately that depending on what coat you were wearing they would inevitably fall or slide off and you would spend quite a bit of time flinging it over your shoulder........make way for the neck warmer:)

Selection of neck warmers

 These are made with quite thick wool and I have made a few in quite bright colours to pick up my mood on a wet and dreary day 
warming my neck in the studio! - you can forget you have it on!
This is the first one I made, with its winter colours.  Under your coat it definitely provides a seal of warmth that will not be penetrated by the harshest of cold winds.

Neck warmer with woolen button
Here you can see that the neck warmer can be worn in different ways
I made two of the neck warmers with buttons made from wool which meant that if you made them for young children there wouldn't be any problem with swallowing buttons
The wool is also quite soft and you almost can forget you have it on, and you can make different ones to coordinate with your outfits!

If you are considering learning how to crochet, or any other creative activity check out Craftsy online courses, at the moment they are doing a special offer on some of their classes, and they are offering some free mini courses. Click here.

Have a blessed day, see you tomorrow for Tutorial Tuesday.


  1. OMGosh, that is such a cool idea! I've never heard of neck warmers before. Usually it doesn't get cold enough here to need them, maybe sometimes but if we go up in the mountains, I'd want one of those! :)

  2. Hi Amanda .. those are great - and I wish I could wear wool ... it irritates me - such a nuisance ... but so be it! Great colours and you can certainly mix and match and alter your appearance with each neck warmer .. lovely ... cheers Hilary


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