Monday 11 November 2013

Material Mondays - Crochet Baby Hat

Crochet Baby Hat

So I've been out with the crochet needles again, trying my hand at perfecting hats.  This time though on a smaller scale for a baby!

At some point I will follow a pattern....

This one though was done free style, I knew how wide the head should be, so using this as a guide and knowing how I wanted the hat to look I carried on.

The hat with accompanying flower can be worn to the side or to the front, I personally like it worn to the side.  The baby that it is intended for was born last week and I contemplated attempting a pair of booties, got a bit carried away trying to do it without a pattern and ended up with quite a few oddly shaped samples. So for now we will have to do with the hat!

If you are considering learning how to crochet, or any other creative activity check out Craftsy online courses, at the moment they are doing a special offer on some of their classes, and they are offering some free mini courses. Click here.

Have a blessed day, see you tomorrow for Tutorial Tuesday.

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