Tuesday 5 November 2013

Tutorial Tuesday - Handmade Stamps

Tutorial Tuesday

Handmade Stamps

I shared with you on Saturday the Handmade stamps that I had made out of sleeping bag mattress foam, and here are some that I made,  It is really easy to create your own stamps and I hope you have as much fun as I did in coming up with your own creations.

Stamp collection made from foam

Get yourself a piece of the foam, this one is approximately 1.5 cm thick. Cut to the size that you require.

I cut mine 3x3 inches as this fits comfortably in the hand and is easy to stamp

Select tools that you are going to make marks, shapes and patterns with
Selection of tools to make marks on the foam

Look through some magazines, books, textiles or around your home for inspiration to create a pattern, I chose this heart paperweight.

Once you have chosen your pattern and shape, cut to size begin to mark the foam as required

Cut a piece of card that will act as the backing for the stamp, I covered the edges of mine with home made washi tape (will show you how I made these in a few weeks:)

Cut a piece a paper the same size as the cardboard and stamp your design onto it.  Stick this onto the back of the cardboard,It will act as a guide to the stamp.  

Stick your creation onto the other side of the cardboard, and let dry

Your stamp is ready to be used!

Do leave your comments and share with me what you decide to create! 


  1. I love this! I have tried so many times to make my own stamps the "traditional" way, and I am quite horrible at it. It never fails that I will sketch out a design and when I'm attempting to carve around it, the tool always slips and I are wreck the whole thing! Perhaps I will have more luck this way!

    1. India, it is a great and economical way to create stamps, once you start though your not going to be able to stop, lol!


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