Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Tutorial Tuesday - A6 Quinoa and Toilet Roll Journal

Tutorial Tuesday

 Today we focus on the A6 Journal made out of Toilet roll for inner pockets and quinoa for decoration, I showed you on Saturday the journal with lots of pockets for tags, and cards to write on HERE

Because the journal is made pretty much in the same way as the chunky toilet roll journal you can go HERE to get the instructions and what I will show you is how I used the quinoa to decorate the front of the journal.

When you get to this point of making the journal you need to add a larger piece of cardboard covered in your favorite paper, or paint.  You then need to proceed to the next stage with tools that you have in your stash.

So this is what my finished journal looked like.  On the front I used a glue gun to write the words and make the outline around the front and back of the journal. and used a number which had been recycled from scrap paper with paint from other projects.
 Here is a closer look at the glue gun detail.  When applying the glue gun you need to work fast as it dries really quickly.
 These are the tools I used below and will be making a couple a tags but using the same techniques.
 On a couple of pieces of card, stamped and with some hearts punched at the bottom.
 Taking the glue gun on one of the tags I wrote out the word Joy and drew two hearts and on the other one I stuck the number 7 made from recycled paper.

Around the number 7 tag I drew a border around the edge using the  glue gun, and allowed both tags to dry.
Filling the selected spaces with pva glue I got the quinoa ready

 My plain quinoa was passed its' sell by date for consumption, so I thought it would be great to add a bit of texture on some of my pieces.  The one above has a few linseeds in them from an earlier experiment, you can use them in their natural state, or as in the little bags you can colour the quinoa using acrylic paint.
 Pour the quinoa onto the glue and allow to dry.

After they both had dried I used goldfinger metallic paste around the dried glue words and borders and on some of the quinoa in the spaces.

I then attached some ribbon to finish off.

So you can see, we can use the quinoa to add texture within quite a few projects, it is very versatile and holds well once glued.  For a high used journal I would coat the quinoa with an additional layer of pva glue which would seal it.  Looking forward to sharing next weeks recycled project.

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