Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Tutorial Tuesday - Tea Bag Treasure Box

Tutorial Tuesday

Where will your imagination take you?

It is surprising what you can do with an empty box an a bit of imagination.  As part of the recycled project on Saturday I shared with you the Teabag Treasure Boxes I had made, from the empty box once it had finished, here is the selection that I had made previously.
Selection of Tea boxes made into treasure boxes

Today I will be showing you how you can decorate your own box using a few simple techniques.  What you will need:
An empty tea box (or any box you have to hand, paper of choice, gesso or paint, stamps, embellishments of choice and imagination! 

Starting off with a box

Taking a box of your choice - this is one of my favorite teas and I do go through quite a few - it is spiced tea with a blend of ginger, cardamon, black pepper (yes) and a range of other things, it is absolutely delicious with some sugar and rice milk.  It is similar to Chai, but a bit more spicy, but that is for another post...

Cover your box in your paper of choice, this will help make it more sturdy.  Here I have used a brown paper bag.  I spritzed it with water which made it easier to scrunched it up which will add texture to the box.

As I applied each piece I have covered it pva glue and then allowed it to dry.
Once covered and dried your on the home stretch!

The box sets quite hard, I decided to keep my box open and then I painted it with gesso, allowing some of the colour of the paper to show through.

Add an encouraging word with lettering

I stuck on some letting - the word 'Create' and on the inside of the lid using handmade stamps I stamped a heart and added stamped flowers around the outside of the box..
Home made stamps used in decoration

I applied glue from a hot glue gun around the edges and around the heart.

To finish off I added some goldfinger metalic paste to the edging of the box and around the glue and it gives it a worn grungy look.

I attached one of the 'teabags' from the teabag treasure tutorial post I did last week.  You can cover your box with pva glue to seal it and then your ready to go and use it

I look forward to sharing next weeks project with you.
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