Saturday 2 November 2013

Handmade Stamps - Recycled Projects -

In today's recycled projects I will show you what I did with my sons old foam sleeping bag mat.  I brought the mat when he was about 4 years old and it came in a roll approx 2 x 5 ft, and he has now grown out of it, it had served him well.  After having a clear out I debated over what to do with it, but I wasn't sure that it could find another home.  I cut a small section off in the beginning and experimented with some ink pads and it turned out that the foam is ideal for making stamps.

Foam sleeping bag mat useful for creating handmade stamp designs
I took a range of designs from magazines and doodles that I had done and created my own stamps.

Handmade stamps created from doodles and elements of images 
They are very easy to make and I was able to make a range of designs that I have been able to use in several projects
 If I am doodling or see an interesting design I have been able to transfer the design to the foam and cut it out...

Some designs are simple yet effective

Art Journal with doodle and hot air balloon stamped images

 The doodled pattern and the hot air balloon used in art journal above.  The foam cut really well!
Stamped designs

 A selection of stamped images.  I have used these for backgrounds, in journals and more.  I have been experimenting with faces.

 Using a craft knife or sharp tool you can get really clear results and can add as much or as little detail as required.
I really do love my stamps, and I hope you check back on Tutorial Tuesday and I will give you instructions of how to make your own stamps out of foam.


  1. Your creativity is boundless, Amanda. I will look forward to the tutorial as this looks like a lot of fun.

  2. What a brilliant idea ... and so Eco-friendly to upcycle the materials rather than toss them out! Nicely done!

  3. Hola, es la mejor idea de sellos que he encontrado, gracias, bello blog gran talento!!!


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