Thursday 16 July 2020

Pass The Brush Experience! 16th & 17th July!

Today and tomorrow the 16th and 17th July is the official start of Pass the Brush and Online Art Community Event

It is an honor to be paired with Laura Bassen - a talented cardmaker at @laurafadora on Instagram.  Over the course of the next two days I will be sharing more about me and my work on her Instagram feed.

The art community is hosting “Pass the Brush,” the artistic community’s version of “Share the Mic.” Please join us as we work to amplify black artists. The objective of this event is to show solidarity within the art community and to amplify black artists so their voices can be heard and art can be seen in a broader audience. Please follow the hashtag #PassTheBrushArt

The project was brought together by Rachel Bellamy and Dina Wakley to Unmute and to Amplify.  Tim Holtz is our Presenter over the next two days and it is going to be an amazing time of sharing within the Online Art Community

So Come and join us and get to know the artists that are taking part.

We are also having a series of Giveaways

Our Sponsors for the Giveaway

Artists Taking Part

Giveaway Guidelines

In an act of Solidarity and Community, Pass the Brush is hosting a giveaway with multiple prizes. The aim is to Amplify Black Artists, increase traffic and followers to guest artists, and improve engagement with guest artists channels to disrupt the algorithm and diversify the art community's feeds after the Pass The Brush event


1. Follow all Pass The Brush Guest Artists on their Instagram feed

I will also be sharing this link on Instagram so you can just click on their links to follow - 
@paperdivanoir @thekathrynwheel @opheliastaton @creationsbyjsheri @jannettesimmons @shemidixon @mzdanajoy @trenabrannon @iamclassygirl @reddragonflystudio @juicychristians @mystele1

@realityarts @craftsofadifferentshade @marticesmithart @rarebirds @confidentcanvas @iamsarahmatthews @letsdesigncreative @pocono.pam @tdmamm2012 @queenpreneur @kialagives @dnrenee @kreativekymona

2. Tag 3 or more friends on the main post on post to share the giveaway and encourage them to join you in showing solidarity within the art community.

3. Share this graphic in your stories and use the hashtag #passthebrushart

4. Once complete, go to []( and enter to win giveaway prizes from our sponsors.

Giveaway Details: Open to everyone, however, certain prizes are only available to U.S. participants due to postal limitations and costs.

I hope you can join us, stay blessed and be a blessing

Pass the Brush Giveaway closes 7/24/2020 midnight PST and all winners will be chosen from those registered by email. A list of winners will be notified by email with instructions about their prizes.

Saturday 4 July 2020

Arts and Wellness - Fabric Journals

Arts and Wellness - Working with Fabrics and Journals

Welcome to Arts and Wellness Episode 233 which you can also listen on the Podcast.  Check out the video where you will see how I use the fabric scraps in the art journal, making use of the texture and colour that comes from the material.
Taking time to create enables you to focus on you and work on areas of your life that need some thought.  It is a great stress reliever as well.  There are many ways in which you can take part in the arts from participating, watching someone create or looking at the finished art in a gallery setting.
Check out the video HERE where you get a glimpse in the studio and we work on an art journal with fabric scraps

Working with scraps in Art Journal as a background
On Wednesdays we focus on the Arts and how it can impact our health and well-being. I will be talking with artists, looking at activities that you can do to be more creative across the board and for those who are carers tips and strategies that you can use. I will also be sharing reviews, resources and other insights. I will be looking at the nuggets that the artists share and see how we can apply it in some way to our own lives, what ever your interests.

Lots of yummy colour on the baby wipes

Watch the video below and subscribe to the art channel

Listen to the podcast HERE

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Stay Blessed and be a blessing

Thursday 2 July 2020

Realityarts Podcast - Inspirational Shorts Merle Collins & Loving

On the podcast this week I covered a poem by writer Merle Collins.  Merle is a Grenadian writer and as well as poetry she has written several books as well.
Inspirational Shorts - Merle Collins Poetry

Listen to the Episode HERE


Creating in Faith

You can also listen to Creating in Faith and the word is Loving

How are you showing yourself some love?

Creating in Faith - Episode Loving

Listen to the Episode HERE

Check out my Art Work

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