Monday 31 August 2020

Arts and Wellness Cafe - The importance of Nurturing


Welcome to the Arts and Wellness Cafe, in this episode I share the weekly creative ups and downs and the importance of nurturing yourself.

If you would like to listen to the podcast you can do so HERE

Monday 24 August 2020

Creating in Faith - What is Motivating You?


In today's Podcast recording I look at the word Motivated.  What is it that is motivating you in your creativity and in the other areas of your life.

What about the times where you don't feel motivated. Here is a snippet on my YouTube Channel

You can listen to the full episode on my podcast HERE

The image has been taken from a series of pastels that I painted, if you would like to get a print or see it on other merchandise you can do so HERE

Pastel Portraits - Amanda Trought

Saturday 8 August 2020

Creativity Tips - Feeling Creatively Stuck

When you are feeling stuck and not sure what to do creativity, just play with your supplies, check out my latest video of one of the ways in which I get myself back on my creative tract.

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Friday 7 August 2020

Pass The Brush Video Experience


Here is the video of my creative journey to Mixed Media Art which I shared as part of Pass The Brush Art Experience..

Thank you for joining me, you can also connect with me on  Instagram and check out some of the other artists.


The aim of the event is to show solidarity within the art community and to amplify black artists so their voices can be heard and art can be seen in a broader audience.  Connect with each other as artists and see what our similarities and differences.

Let me know what you are getting on with.

Here are the artists that shared their spaces and their audiences. You can check out their instagram pages and see some of their amazing work.


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