Wednesday, 11 April 2012

K is for Knowledge

What do they really know about dementia?...., The carers are becoming the professionals dealing not only with the emotional aspects but the physical, and psychological day in and out of the role, their knowledge and understanding increases, but they don't have the space to share...

I have come across many service providers whose work impacts on the elderly and carers that haven’t had any training in dementia care.  In my own role I have had to learn to interpret my mothers every action from why she is doing something that seems irrational to what she could possibly be trying to communicate, on top of ensuring she has a good quality of life. This has taken time, a lot of reflection and asking myself how would I feel if it were me in her position..!.

More and more organisations are consulting with carers getting them to share their experience with health care professionals.  I am currently involved in delivering workshops to students who are training to be social workers and helping them to not only understand but relate to the role of the carer - I have been able to develop a series of talks using creative activities. I think that it is vital for the carer as well as those who have to interact with them to have a basis for understanding just how complex the role can be, and ensure that there are opportunities for sharing experiences and increased dialogue that can only bring about positive change.

Words so far....

A is for Alzheimer’s, B is for Behaviour, C is for Carer, D is for Dependant, E is for Enough, F is for Fear, G is for Guilt, H is for Health Professionals, I is forIdentity, J is for Judgement

These posts are part of the A-Z Challenge taking place during the month of April.  I have been sharing about my experience as a carer to a mother with Dementia.  If you would like to know more join the Arts in Health Network and also check out my website for information on some of the work I have done with Creativity and Dementia.
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